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Male Health Powerhouses

3 potent ingredients to improve urinary function and support a healthy prostate

Graminex® G63®

Proprietary flower pollen extract clinically shown to reduce daytime and nighttime frequency of urination for fewer disruptions to daily life and sleep.


Beta Sitosterol

Science-backed phytosterol shown to improve urine flow and bladder emptying, reduce urgency and frequency, and support a normal prostate size. 



An oxidation-fighting carotenoid found in the prostate gland. Ours is derived from tomatoes for pure plant-based potency. 


Frequently Bought Together: Turmeric + Resveratrol

Combining research-based doses of Turmeric Extract (1,000 mg) and Resveratrol (100 mg) into one “super formula” to combat harmful inflammation and provide you with powerful heart, brain and antioxidant support. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Prostate Beta Plus different from other prostate health products?

This formula is scientifically designed to support male health by targeting common urinary problems associated with aging, such as weak flow, frequent urges and incomplete bladder emptying. 

Prostate Beta Plus promotes urinary control with Graminex 63™, a proprietary flower pollen extract that’s allergen-free and clinically shown to improve urinary function and reduce frequency. It also features the known prostate health booster, beta sitosterol, to support normal prostate size. Combined with plant-based lycopene, this formula is an important part of a daily male health routine. 

Does this flower pollen extract have allergens?

No, Graminex® G63® is created using a solvent-free extraction process that removes allergens while maintaining the full spectrum of nutrients, plant lipids and antioxidants contained within the pure pollen. It is manufactured in the USA and science-backed for safety and efficacy.

How long does it take for Prostate Beta Plus to work?

As with any supplement, it takes time for the active compounds in the formula to accumulate in the body and start to work at the cellular level for optimal results. Studies have shown that some benefits may be seen after just 4 weeks, such as increasing urinary flow. Other benefits may take about 12 weeks, such as reducing urination frequency or influencing normal prostate size.


Customer Reviews

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Randy Wilkinson

Prostate Beta Plus

Dwight Tamanaha

Helpful male symptoms for me at age 74.

Jesse Neaves

Great supplements. Has helped tremendously!!

Prostate Beta Plus

It certainly is making a very positive difference! Thanks!

John Shelton

Great stuff