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Ingredients trusted to support your metabolism & normal blood sugar†

Every serving of NAOMI Berberine features an extra strength dose of purified Berberine, which has been validated by hundreds of scientific studies to provide a wide range of remarkable health-supporting benefits.

berberine plant

Berberine HCI

A natural plant alkaloid that supports a healthy metabolism and normal blood sugar levels.

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For Even Better Results: Weight Loss Duo

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Berberine such a potent antioxidant?

Berberine has been shown to flip AMPK – your metabolic “master switch”– into action, turning on thermogenesis. By boosting AMPK activity, berberine helps support your normal lipid and blood sugar levels.*

What specific health risk factors can Berberine help improve?

While this “super herb” has been used for centuries, only recently has modern scientific research demonstrated that berberine can support a healthy response to insulin, support a healthy inflammatory response, and support healthy cardiovascular function and immune system. 

Berberine has been scientifically shown to:†  

  • Balance post-meal blood sugar levels 
  • Support normal LDL cholesterol
  • Lower triglycerides 
  • Support a healthy response to insulin 
  • Support a healthy metabolism and enhanced energy

What is the best dose of Berberine?

The standard and most widely researched dose for Berberine is 1000 mg daily of Berberine HCI, the specific type of berberine contained in this formula.

When is it best to take Berberine?

Since it is fat soluble, it is best to take Berberine with food that contains healthy fats. For a 1000 mg dose I recommended taking 1 capsule with breakfast and 1 capsule with dinner, though consuming some healthy fat with each capsule is more important for optimal absorption than the time of day it is taken.

How long does it take for Berberine to work?

Like most nutritional supplements, it takes some time for berberine to build up to in your body to deliver beneficial results. While individual studies vary, the most common benchmark used in the studies of berberine is 12 weeks.

Is NAOMI Berberine vegan and gluten free?

All of the ingredients in NAOMI Berberine are both vegan and gluten free though the product has not been certified as gluten free by the manufacturer for those with severe issues with gluten.


Customer Reviews

Based on 221 reviews

Lab work has improved. Hoping to stay off BS medicine

Julie Lindsay
Wonderful results with Berberine!

Berberine is what I have been searching for! It has lowered my blood sugars and keeps it from spiking up and down! My A1C has gone from 8 to 6.
I am so happy to have found Berberine!

Ozey Young
Blood work

Just got blood work done, very happy with the results

Caroline Walker
Great stuff!!

Lowered my blood glucose by 7 points! I am well within the normal range but was on the higher end of normal.

Helgar Pedrini

Great products and prices!