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This formula features two potent ingredients to promote healthy blood pressure†

Shields the cardiovascular system from excess calcium accumulation

Benolea® Olive Leaf Extract  

A full 1,000 mg research-based dose of Benolea® olive leaf extract clinically shown to produce significant reductions in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as modest, but statistically significant reductions in total cholesterol and triglycerides after 8 weeks.* 


Vitamin K2 as K2Vital® Delta menaquinone-7

This 100% bioactive form of vitamin K2 is vegan and has been clinically shown to reduce the risk of calcium deposits forming on blood vessel walls and arteries, helping to keep blood vessels and arteries flexible and pliable and blood pressure in the normal range. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is blood pressure?

Maintaining normal blood pressure levels is one of the most critical aspects of good health.

Blood pressure is the amount of pressure it takes for your heart to push blood through your blood vessels and arteries. It’s the force with which blood pushes against artery walls, allowing your heart to move oxygen throughout your body, with your heart working like a pump and your blood vessels acting as pipes. 

Normal, healthy blood vessels and arteries are flexible and can expand and contract as needed to maintain steady blood flow. But when blood vessels and arteries become stiff and are unable to dilate and relax, then the force needed to move blood through them increases.

Your blood pressure level is determined by the amount of blood your heart pumps, and how the blood vessels react to or resist that force. 

It takes into account two different pressure readings:  

  • Systolic—measures how much pressure is exerted when your heart pumps blood through your blood vessels. 
  • Diastolic—measures how much pressure exists when your heart is at rest, in between beats.

Why has the healthy range for blood pressure decreased?

In 2017, the definition of high blood pressure changed according to guidelines from major health organizations, including the American Cardiology Association (ACA) and the American College of Cardiology (ACC). 

Previously, blood pressure was considered to be within healthy range if it fell below 140/90 mmHg. But now, guidelines indicate an ideal reading is 130/80mmHg or below. 

The ACA and ACC made the decision to lower the threshold to encourage interventions including lifestyle modifications and medications sooner, noting the detrimental effects of even marginally elevated blood pressure over time.   

According to Dr. Teresa Iribarren, an Assistant Professor at Florida International University College of Medicine and practicing Internal Medicine physician specializing in Integrative Medicine and Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine:

“These lower baseline readings help to identify patients who are at risk early on, when implementing lifestyle changes and dietary supplements can interrupt the domino of risk factors that can lead to serious and, at times, sudden problems.”   

How long does it take for BP Advanced to work?

As with any supplement, it takes time for the active compounds in the formula to accumulate in the body and start to work at the cellular level for optimal results. Studies have shown that some benefits may be seen after just 1 week and the studies of the Benolea® Olive Leaf Extract showed significant improvements in participants at the end of the 8-week trial. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Sheila Williams
Help with Blood Pressure

I've been using the BP Advanced capsules for over three months now. I regularly check my blood pressure and it has been lowered to the normal range now. I'm very pleased with the results I'm getting and will continue to take these capsules everyday without any side effects. Thanks for the great results!

Love the results!

This has helped reduce my blood pressure and kept me off prescription drugs. My Dr. was impressed!

Deborah Falk
Very Effective

I am a 71 y.o. healthy woman whose blood pressure has crept up over the years. This product has been very good at bringing my blood pressure down to normal levels. I am looking forward to the results of a recent blood draw to see what effect it has had on my cholesterol. Very happy!

Alejandro Marin
My blood pressure seems to be under control

I’m a healthy 43 year old male, I exercise and eat healthy, somehow I inherited my dad’s elevated blood pressure condition but BP advanced is helping me lower my blood pressure along with exercise and a healthy diet.

Stella Adedeji

After using the BP advanced for two weeks, there was a noticeable stability in my BP especially rising up in the morning.Right now I have withdrawn one dose from my regular BP medications while taking the BP advanced twice daily.O am very happy with the product