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Ingredients trusted to boost your vitamin d levels safely†

Every serving of NAOMI Activated Vitamin D is enhanced with a researched dose of Magnesium to ensure maximum absorption, so you can enjoy all the benefits of Vitamin D.

5,000 IU Vitamin D3

5,000 IU Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient you need for everyday health, from strong bones and teeth to promoting a healthy immune system.



Helps the body to absorb vitamin d and provides a wide range of health benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is NAOMI Activated Vitamin D different from other Vitamin D products?

To enjoy all of the benefits vitamin D can provide, you not only need to get enough of it, but it also needs to be properly absorbed. The mistake millions of vitamin D supplement buyers make, is ignoring the critical role the essential mineral magnesium plays in vitamin D absorption.

Simply put, the bioavailability of vitamin D depends on magnesium. The enzymes in the liver and kidneys that enable vitamin D metabolism can’t work without sufficient amounts of magnesium to draw upon.

And research shows that up to 50% of adults are magnesium deficient.†

So, in order for a vitamin D supplement to provide the full benefits, it must include a research-based dose of magnesium as well.

What is the difference between vitamin D3 and vitamin D2?

There are different compounds of vitamin D, such as D2, which is derived from a plant source and D3, which is from an animal source. Vitamin D3 is the form of vitamin D your body naturally makes when exposed to sunlight.

How long before I see results?

Like many nutritional supplements, it can take some time for vitamin D to build up in your system. Much of the research demonstrating the wide variety of health benefits vitamin D can provide is based on research conducted over a 3-4 month period of time.

What are the key ingredients in NAOMI Activated Vitamin D?

NAOMI Activated Vitamin D is formulated with a potent 5,000 IU dose of vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol), the natural form your body produces in response to sunlight. This formula also contains a research-based dose of 250 mg of magnesium (as dimagnesium malate and magnesium bisglycinate) to both ensure that the vitamin D is properly absorbed and to provide a wide range of additional health benefits including relief from muscle tension and spasms and improved sleep quality.

Is NAOMI Activated Vitamin D gluten free?

All of the ingredients in NAOMI Activated Vitamin D are gluten free though the product has not been certified as gluten free by the manufacturer for those with severe issues with gluten.

What exactly is "Nuflow Complex" on the ingredient list?

Nu-FLOW® offers producers an option to replace synthetics or other anti-caking agents including SiO2, tri-calcium phosphate, or talc with a natural or certified organic ingredient. Using 'rice hulls’ gives a clean, consumer-friendly product while also solving anti-caking, flow and other manufacturing and/or production challenges. The unique functionality comes from the causes that rice plant to take up silica from the soil and concentrate it in the hulls of the rice. Thereby producing a natural alternative to silicon dioxide or other anti-caking/flow agents.


Customer Reviews

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Esther Klaus

I love your vitamin D with Magniseim . It is helping my bones to feel better. Great product

Arthur Adamo

Good news my labs show I’m getting the right amount of vitamin D . No problem taking it. Great product….

John Kennedy

Enjoying the Product, Happy with the results


I love this supplement, it also has magnesium!

No more vitamin D deficiency

I started taking this vitamin after my lab results stated I was severely deficient. One year later my results show I’m at the high end of the normal range, YAY it works!!