Metabolism, Metabolic Syndrome and High Fiber Keto


As a mother and entrepreneur, I’ve certainly felt the effects of a metabolic disadvantage. At times I’ve felt overwhelmed, inflamed and exhausted. I also recall clearly the year I noticed a shift in metabolism that occurred for my mother and other women in our family when we moved from our farm in France to the United States. The change of environment led to a change in our bodies as we adopted more processed and convenience food items, a culture that praises fast food instead of slow as well as days filled with more sitting than standing. These experiences have driven my quest to understand metabolism – what makes metabolism go awry and to uncover real solutions.

After years of research, exploring, interviewing experts as well as my own personal wellness experiments where I’ve put the latest in nutritional science to practice in my own life, I’ve put together my next lifestyle program. High Fiber Keto, my new book, captures everything that I’ve learned on this journey as well as how to put it into action in your own day-to-day life.

High Fiber Keto is my answer to the question: How do I optimize and increase my metabolism?

What Is Metabolic Syndrome And How To Reverse It With High Fiber Keto?

More than 100 million people in the United States have metabolic syndrome (1) and often this condition isn’t diagnosed or discussed. Metabolic syndrome raises the risk for chronic inflammation, hormone imbalance, heart disease, diabetes and accelerated aging.

What is metabolic syndrome?

Metabolic Syndrome is a collection of 3 or more of the following risk factors:

  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugar
  • High triglycerides
  • High waist circumference
  • Low HDL (“good” cholesterol)

When combined, these factors paint a picture of metabolic dysfunction, and as I like to say, a metabolic disadvantage. Metabolic syndrome isn’t a disease in and of itself; instead, I see it as a powerful opportunity to heed your body’s wake up call.

When you can take these clues that your metabolism isn’t working optimally to heart, it becomes easier to make important nutrition and lifestyle changes to prevent serious metabolic issues from developing. In this way, metabolic syndrome can actually be the catalyst for regaining your metabolic advantage! After all, the body is always speaking to you and if you are feeling tired, inflamed, moody and sluggish, this just might be the body’s way of asking for something different.

Is it possible to reverse metabolic syndrome?

Yes! I’ve seen many women reverse metabolic syndrome and gain their metabolic advantage through diet, movement, lifestyle and supplement strategies. It is entirely possible!

For my book, High Fiber Keto, I myself, along with researchers at the University of Florida, scientifically tested the diet strategy I had put together. Women in the study followed a high-quality, high-fiber keto diet while many metabolic markers were monitored. The study lasted 3 weeks and here is a sample of the astonishing results:

  • 91% of the women experienced weight loss
  • 86% of the women experienced loss of body fat
  • Blood pressure improved for 95% of the women
  • Blood sugar improved for 73% of the women

65% of the women achieved nutritional ketosis, using fat as fuel, in the 3 weeks. And overall, the women reported improved mood, fewer cravings, and better skin!

Now imagine the results that you can achieve when you take these initial 3 weeks and turn it into a lifestyle!

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