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Powerful plant ingredients clinically shown to help control appetite and cravings 

Support your weight-loss goals with the health-boosting power of saffron.


Clinically shown to curb between-meal snacking and hunger, improve satiety and balance mood to decrease emotional eating to help you lose weight.



Science-backed extract from the West African superfruit, Dichrostachys glomerata, helps boost metabolism, energy and make it easier to manage your weight.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is NAOMI Saffron Hunger Control different from other weight loss products?

This formula is specifically designed to target one of the most common barriers to losing weight and keeping it off—cravings and between-meal snacking. Dieting, stress and emotions can intensify cravings and hunger, which sabotage your ability to lose weight.

Saffron Hunger Control targets cravings with Satiereal®, a patented saffron extract clinically shown to reduce between-meal snacking and hunger while boosting satiety and mood. And to support a healthy metabolism, it’s enhanced with SpiceFruit™, a powerful superfruit extract. 

Do I have to follow a diet or weight-loss plan when I use NAOMI Saffron Hunger Control?

No, you don’t have to follow a specific weight-loss diet for it to work. You can use it to supplement a moderate-calorie, balanced nutrition plan including 30 minutes of daily physical activity, both of which are part of a healthy lifestyle. 

How long should it take for NAOMI Saffron Hunger Control to work?

As with any supplement, it takes time for the active compounds in Satiereal® to build up in the body and start to influence the control center of cravings and hunger. It activates serotonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter that plays a key role in satiety and mood balance, which is how this powerful ingredient helps reduce emotional eating. Studies showed it takes up to 8 weeks of daily use to experience the full benefits.

If you take Saffron Hunger Control daily for 8 weeks in conjunction with a balanced, healthy diet and regular physical activity, and it hasn’t worked for you, then you can activate our 365-day guarantee to get a full refund.


Customer Reviews

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Lord Derek Huang

Saffron Hunger Control

Glenda Croft

Didn’t seem to work for me

Cynthia Allen

Saffron Hunger Control

Judy Johnson
Saffron Hunger Control is an excellent product.

I have been very pleased on how well Saffron Hunger Control helps with appetite control. I had not found another product that worked as well as this one.