NAOMI Organic Astaxanthin

For whole-body antioxidant support

SKU: AST1000-ACQ-6Bottles

Features 12 mg of pure, organic astaxanthin, triple the dose of typical astaxanthin formulas, to provide potent protection from free-radical damage to your joints, brain, heart, eyes and skin, while giving your immune system the boost it may need to function optimally.*
What It Does

✓ Relieves joint pain and stiffness and muscle aches*
✓ Improves focus, memory and cognitive health*
✓ Promotes healthy circulation and overall cardiovascular function*
✓ Supports a properly functioning immune system*
✓ Promotes eye health and helps reduce eye strain*
✓ Reduces skin dryness and wrinkles*

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Naomi Whittel is an entrepreneur, a leading nutritional expert, and New York Times best-selling author of Glow15. A leader and innovator in the health and wellness industry, Naomi has two decades of experience in developing and managing sustainable companies. Named by Prevention as a leading female innovator in the natural products industry, she is an advocate of clean and safe nutrition. Her story and products have been lauded by The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, ABC News, PBS, InStyle, The View, The Doctors, The Dr. Oz Show, SHAPE, Good Morning America, and the TODAY show. Naomi is a mother of four children.