Apple Cinnamon Berberine Tea


We’ve discussed before how berberine benefits your body and is the "superhero" supplement for blood sugar and more—and also how it's most effective when taken three times daily. Now I want to share one of my best-kept secrets with you: In the fall, I like to make a delicious a cup of the most delicious organic berberine tea no matter where I am—Apple Cinnamon Berberine Tea! In fact, I even enjoyed a cup in the mountains of New Zealand at the Lake Hawea Station, a farm in John Creek, New Zealand.

So, what makes this berberine tea a must-have during my travels? It combines the health benefits of berberine with the crisp taste of apple and warmth of cinnamon to not only support my blood sugar levels and skin health but also to promote both autophagy and satiety! 

No matter where you are, all it takes is five ingredients and 5 minutes to have a health-promoting treat that truly feels like you're drinking in all the best of fall in a single cup!

Apple Cinnamon Berberine Tea 

Makes: 1 cup

Time: 5 minutes


berberine cinnamon tea


1 capsule NAOMI Berberine

4-6 ounces filtered water

2 tablespoons unsweetened apple cider

1 stick cinnamon

1 teaspoon agave or sweetener of choice


1. In a small pot over medium-low heat, warm the water, apple cider, cinnamon stick, and sweetener. Then, transfer to a mug.

2. Open the NAOMI Berberine supplement capsule and empty the contents of the berberine into the cup and discard the capsule. Stir to incorporate.

Berberine tea bags

3. Serve warm.

Berberine tea - Naomiw