Glow15: Unlock Your Youthful Cells By Drinking Tea


 If you’re already a tea drinker, I don’t have to convince you of the relaxation that the ritual of tea can bring. It can be a reassuring and comforting time to re-center and slow down…even if it’s for just a few sips. It can transport you to place where people took time out of their day to connect with each other, take a break from work and just be.

The tea I’m about to share with you has its roots in both Asian and English culture. It’s the coming together of two cultures that revere teatime. While growing up in England I developed an appreciation for the ritual of making and enjoying tea.

What if there were a way to enjoy a cup of tea that not only tasted amazing but had health benefits that revealed themselves to you by an upgrade in how you feel, how your skin glows and how sharp your brain performs?

Would you like your morning beverage to not only be delicious but to help you feel energized, with clarity in thought? What if it could help you burn fat, suppress hunger and heighten your immunity?
For those of you who struggle to replace caffeinated sodas and coffee drinks with something that will give you a boost and taste delicious, this is for you too.

It does offer a boost, but not the kind of superficial jolt that sugary sodas and coffee drinks do by kicking your adrenals into high gear. That type of boost is not just short-lived but it also forces you to spend energy that you just don’t have. It’s fake energy that’s borrowed and will somehow have to be replaced. Those dark circles, puffy eyes or ragged skin are signs that your body is running under false energy – not from a metabolism well functioning. When you ask your body to create energy it doesn’t have via coffee or sugar, it’s like over drafting from your bank account. While a couple times is fine, if you keep doing it eventually you’ll be in financial trouble. It’s the same idea with our natural energy. If you are tired or your health is imbalanced, you need to repair the parts of your system that are broken in order to produce and sustain real energy. You want a boost where it really counts, deep in your metabolic furnace, at the cellular level. You want the processes that provide your body energy to be gentle on your system and flow seamlessly.

That’s exactly why I’m so excited to share with you this dynamic drink that you can easily make at home or at work: AutophaTea!


The inspiration for AutophaTea began when I learned about citrus bergamot from molecular biologist Dr. Elzbieta Janda, and the powerful healing effects this medicinal tea has.

The delicious polyphenol-rich, citrus bergamot tea has been used medicinally to promote heart health, to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and improve insulin sensitivity as well as lower blood sugar. It’s in the popular English tea, Earl Grey and is the foundation of AutophaTea. It contains about 40-60 milligrams of caffeine per cup. Be sure to get whole citrus bergamot Earl Grey tea to ensure you’re getting the most healing polyphenols from the pith of the whole fruit. Synthetic bergamot in Earl Grey tea is common and is no substitute for the healing properties the whole fruit provides.

What elevates this tea to a health elixir?

In one word…Autophagy

The nutrients this tea contains has the ability to induce autophagy- the cellular process responsible for removing toxins and repair the damage left behind.  Citrus bergamot, along with its other key ingredients, assists your cells in healthy aging and keeps your cells acting (and as a great bonus) also looking young too.  It’s simply a gift from nature!

This is my inspiration for AutophaTea.

Taking what I learned about citrus bergamot from Dr. Janda, my research team of PhDs, MDs, nutritionists, and even a few tea experts, I set out to discover other ingredients that would complement citrus bergamot’s ability to activate and enhance autophagy.  We included three additional ingredients that amplify autophagy’s youth activating and antiaging effects, creating a true healing elixir: green tea, cinnamon, and coconut oil.

EGCG from Green Tea

Green tea has been revered for its medicinal properties and used as a general health tonic for millennia.  It became popular with Buddhist priests who wanted clear focus in their meditation practices.  Modern science may be unlocking the secrets as to why green tea has held this elevated status.

Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a powerful polyphenol that activates autophagy, increases metabolism and reduces anxiety.  As an added bonus, EGCG helps you burn calories.  In fact, studies reveal that green tea drinkers burn up to 100 calories more per day than those who don’t drink it.  That’s why I refer to EGCG as a ‘Powerphenol.’


It’s a beautiful irony that this spice imparts a deliciously sweet taste, and has the ability to balance blood sugar.  High in antioxidants, cinnamon has been shown to increase autophagy and turn on longevity-related genes. Cinnamon inhibits cancer growth and protects cells from the negative effects of oxidative damage, and specifically brain cells from the damage of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia. Look for True Cinnamon, also known as Ceylon cinnamon.  The common cinnamon most of us have in our spice cabinets is actually Cassia cinnamon and does not impart the same powerful health effects.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil’s rich source of MCT (medium-chain fatty acids) oil helps to ease your hunger and stimulate autophagy.  MCT permeates cell membranes, making it easily digested and transported right to your liver, where they get immediately burned for energy, not stored as fat.  The ketones produced by the metabolism of coconut oil kick your cellular cleanup crew into high gear. The lauric acid in coconut oil improves immunity by fighting unwanted bacteria and viruses.

How to enjoy AutophaTea

I drink AutophaTea first thing in the morning; the fat from the coconut oil means I’m starting my day off with fat first, stimulating my metabolism and autophagy by increasing ketone levels after fasting for the night.  

I also drink it before I exercise, to give me additional energy and help burn fat. And, I’ll even drink a little before taking a short afternoon nap.  It won’t keep you up and in fact, will help you to feel energized after the nap.  You can drink up to four cups daily, although I suggest you switch to decaf versions or stop drinking it after two p.m.

Turn up Autophagy, slow down cellular aging

If you’re looking for a delicious way to easily turn up your body’s ability to clean “cellular” house, boost energy, burn fat, reduce anxiety, all while increasing immunity, heart and brain health, you just might love AutophaTea as much as I do!

AutophaTea will slow the effects of cellular aging.  Even if you’re on the go and don’t have time for the ritual of tea.  AutophaTea has the power to activate your autophagy all while steeping your senses in the delicious aromas of citrus bergamot, cinnamon, and green tea.  

Now you know the age-defying ingredients in AutophaTea, stay tuned and I’ll share with you my simple recipe for making AutophaTea at home.  

Or, if you like the convenience of purchasing it pre-made, I’m excited to share with you my ready-made, non-GMO version crafted with the highest quality ingredients that should be available soon.  This way, you can tap into the best of what AutophaTea offers, while making it super convenient for any busy schedule.  Even if it’s not possible for you to slow down and enjoy a cup a tea every day, give your cells the gift of slowing down how they age.

In my book, Glow15, I share my secrets for cellular repair and a youthful glow. One of the stars of my program is AutophaTea.  Grab your copy to read the exact strategy you can use to harness AutophaTea’s healing and beauty.  In the meantime, get your FREE copy of these Glow15 recipes that will get you cooking and consuming more of the same high-quality ingredients like the ones in AutophaTea now!

Stay tuned for the AutophaTea recipe!

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