Keto Weight Loss for Women


Let’s circle back to keto weight loss because, for women, this is often their first goal and the main driver behind beginning (or continuing with) a keto diet. 

I want to start by changing the paradigm about the keto diet from just another crash weight-loss plan to a sustainable lifestyle with lasting results. When taking a longer-term approach with health, we can let go of the “quick fix” solutions and instead focus on building new habits that serve us over time. And, we no longer have to feel like we are “on a diet,” but rather that we are just living life. I have to say that I finally feel this way about my keto lifestyle. I don’t have to think about it much; it’s just what I do.  

Weight, for many women, is a complex topic and may require digging a bit deeper than a simple dietary change. Many other factors including movement, stress, self-care, hormones and our relationship with our own bodies can impact how our bodies burn or stubbornly hold onto fat.  Our female bodies are incredibly complex so it makes sense that we might need to make adjustments to our diet as we go. For example, perhaps we need to adjust the traditional keto macronutrient profile to address our personal keto weight loss goals. In practical terms, this might mean more whole carbs or more protein. It could also mean more (or less) exercise. 

Once diet and movement are dialed in, it can be helpful to learn how stress affects our best efforts. You can have the most perfect diet, but if stress levels are high, it can drive up blood sugar and produce hormone signals that actually cause the body to hold on to weight. 

When it comes to keto weight loss for women, hormones are part of the puzzle. As hormones shift and change, it’s not uncommon for women to have symptoms of low thyroid, PMS, estrogen dominance and uncomfortable perimenopause that can be clues that the hormone signaling systems of the body could use some extra attention. Often keto itself can lead to greater hormone balance, so I find that many women may need additional support initially from supplements and other natural tools to get to a place of “greater hormone balance”. 

Therefore, as a wellness explorer, I reached out to many experts in this field and sat down with them to ask them the questions that I still have. Why does keto work for some women even if only at first, but not others? What are the special considerations women need to keep in mind when adopting a keto lifestyle? Is a keto diet a good choice during menopause? What are the long-term benefits of keto dieting for women? 

I spent and continue to spend a lot of time digging into these questions and look forward to bringing you deeper insights and research when it comes to the keto diet for women. Spoiler alert: I’m working on an entirely new docuseries: The Keto Woman. Keep following me here for all the details as the project continues!

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