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Powerful ingredients trusted to support healthy hair growth, strength and shine

Hair thinning and shedding are unwanted signs of aging. OMI WellBeauty Hair Nutrition supports a full head of hair associated with youthfulness and vitality.

Intermediate Filament Protein from keratin (IFP Hair Factor)

This soluble keratin was created using a patented process and is clinically shown to decrease hair loss in 100% of women in 90 days when compared to baseline measurements.



An enhanced serving of this key B-vitamin nourishes hair and nails, and supplies an essential co-factor for healthy production of keratin.



Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

I am really excited to try this product. I've only used for a short time so no real measurable results yet but I really like the product so far. No bad smell or aftertaste that some supplements like these can have.

So many nutrients

I thought this would just have biotin in it but I was wrong. There’s keratin and other vitamins for hair health. This is the first supplement i have taken for hair. I dye my hair a lot and I feel that this helps my hair gain strength and shine.

Awesome supplement!

Omi well beauty hair nutrition dietary supplements are absolutely fabulous. They are making my hair so shiny. I can also feel my hair strengthening. I noticed I don't have as many split ends since using. I also don't lose as much hair when I brush it now. You just take two easy to swallow caplets a day. It's so easy to have beautiful hair. I am so glad I found these, they are so wonderful. If you would love beautiful hair, I highly recommend giving these a try.

Good product

I like this product I haven't had it long enough I think it takes more than one bottle to see the results. I'm an older woman and my hair My hair has gotten coarse and on the thinner side. I'm hoping that this product will help with my thinning of my hair. I'm anxiously waiting and hoping My results are as good as it says it can be.

Healthy Hair
Seeing Results

I have tried the hair nutrition, I have not seen a huge amount of hair growth. I do notice my hair is looking healthier. It is definitely something I will continue to take for healthier hair. Worth a try!