Mighty Mg 90-Day Supply

For heart health, strong bones and mood balance

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Mighty Mg is a powerful magnesium formula featuring a blend of magnesium malate and magnesium glycinate making our formula easier on your digestive tract than other widely available forms of magnesium and these forms of magnesium have been scientifically shown to be 250% better absorbed.*

What It Does:

  • Boosts overall cardiovascular health*
  • Promotes healthy blood pressure*
  • Promotes restful sleep*
  • Supports stronger, healthier more resilient bones*
  • Reduces muscle cramping, tension and tingling*
  • Promotes mental focus and calmness*
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By some estimates, more than 70% of adults are deficient in this essential mineral that is responsible for more than 600 vital metabolic reactions throughout the human body. Every cell in your body contains magnesium and needs it.**

Simply put: Magnesium plays a crucial role in just about every aspect of your well-being—from a healthy cardiovascular system, strong bones and optimal brain function, to maintaining normal blood pressure and calcium levels, to the ability to focus and stay calm under stress. 

Without magnesium, your cells can't make energy, your nerves and muscles (including your heart) won't work properly, and your blood vessels and arteries will harden over time.

Mighty Mg provides a full 360 mg dose of magnesium in a highly absorbable blend of the glycinate and malate forms of magnesium that won't cause the unpleasant and bothersome laxative effect that is all too common with other types of magnesium supplements. . This is the level shown in research studies to have the greatest impact on your cardiovascular system and blood pressure, as well as your bones, mood balance, brain function and overall health.

How is NAOMI Mighty MG different from other Magnesium products?
Mighty Mg™ features a combination of magnesium glycinate and magnesium malate.

Magnesium glycinate is the form of magnesium that binds to glycine, a non-essential amino acid that transmits chemical signals to the brain. Glycine is a relaxing neurotransmitter that enhances magnesium’s natural calming properties to promote mental and emotional calm as well as enhancing the quality of sleep. 

This highly absorbable form of magnesium is gentle on the digestive tract, helps to relax muscles and enhance bone formation while supporting the normal functioning of the heart muscle and blood circulation. 

Magnesium malate is another form of magnesium that is gentle on the digestive system. It nourishes muscles to combat fatigue and low energy and plays a role in ATP synthesis, the process by which energy production occurs in every cell of your body.

You can’t enjoy the wide array of wellness benefits magnesium has to offer unless it is properly absorbed in your body. And the combination of magnesium glycinate and magnesium malate that is featured in Mighty Mg have been clinically shown to have an extraordinary 250% better absorption rate than magnesium citrate or magnesium oxide that is found in so many highly-advertised magnesium supplements.*

How long before I see results?
Like many nutritional supplements it can take some time for magnesium to build up in your system. Studies have been conducted over a variety of time frames demonstrating that the impact of supplemental magnesium can start within a few weeks. It is best to allow up to 12 weeks of daily usage to experience the full benefits of supplemental magnesium. 

Is NAOMI Magnesium vegan and gluten free?
All of the ingredients in NAOMI Mighty MG are both vegan and gluten free though the product has not been certified as gluten free by the manufacturer for those with severe issues with gluten.

2 veggie capsules daily

Perferably with food

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