The Ultimate Fat-Burning Guacamole


I believe one of the issues most detrimental to human health currently is a collective diet that’s rich in calories and devoid of nutrients. Choosing foods with nutrient density, such as avocado, fast tracks your health to balance and wellness. To kick the health benefits up a notch, I paired avocado with one of the most important fats nutrition scientists are currently talking about — MCT oil.

The good fats in this recipe allow for the nutrients from the plants and citrus to do their job detoxifying and decreasing inflammation. This recipe is perfect for your “low day” meal or snack. In each bite of this Ultimate Fat-Burning Guacamole, you’ll take in the best that real, fresh, whole foods have to offer. Eat by the spoonful, scoop on fresh cut veggies, spread on meat or fish, or make a bed of it on your plate and top with two eggs over easy. Breakfast will never have tasted so good and so fresh!


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For burning fat and boosting metabolism