Good Fats Loaded Latte


While I’m more of a tea drinker, occasionally I enjoy a really full-bodied dark brew. The caffeine is helpful for activating my autophagy and the bitter taste is important for digestion. Pure, unadulterated coffee is an excellent example of food as medicine at its best.

If you are looking to try my good fats first approach to metabolic health and weight loss while taking advantage of the medicinal qualities of coffee, my Good Fats Loaded Latte, is perfect for you. I include energizing MCT oil in my French Vanilla Creamer that makes this lusciously creamy with just the slightest note of vanilla and a gentle touch of sweetness. Because it’s just slightly sweet, unlike a flavored latte, you actually get that velvety coffee flavor that coffee lovers enjoy so much. If you are on a “high day,” you may also incorporate a scoop of collagen peptides to add a nourishing protein boost that also supports your connective tissues and overall health.

If you prefer to make this a blended “smoothie,” simply use cold brew, a couple ice cubes and perhaps add some hemp, flax or chia seeds for some texture and more good fats.

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