GOODFATS: A Better Bread


I have experienced profound benefits in my health, both how I feel and how I look, by shifting to a higher fat diet. Unbelievably and finally, eating refined grains and sugar doesn’t appeal to me (at least most of the time, but I still have a craving every once in a while). Sometimes I get a hankering for that cozy perfume of warm bread permeating from the kitchen throughout the whole house and it inspired this recipe for a healthier bread.

This is the kind of bread that doesn’t weigh you down, make you bloated, or give you that groggy feeling 20 minutes later. Instead, the good fats from the almonds, pastured egg yolks, grass-fed ghee, and MCT fats will sustain your energy while also helping you to burn fat.

Yes! There is a bread you can eat that won’t make you fat, but that will actually help you on your path to a leaned out, toned body with great metabolic health. Enjoy! 


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