Scientists Call Microbiome Gut Health Your Immune System’s Armor


Major benefits of eating fermented foods

Once associated with earthy kitchens, adventurous foodies, and cultures around the world, fermented foods are now widely known as a go-to for overall health.

Search for benefits of fermented foods and you’ll find millions of results describing why yogurt, kombucha and sauerkraut are some of the best-fermented foods and why you should add them to your diet. (Wine and beer are also examples of fermented foods.)

Historically, the process that pickles cucumbers and turns milk into kefir has been used to preserve food and eliminate food waste.

When you add live yeast cultures to carbs, a chemical reaction occurs in which the microorganisms break down sugars and starch into gasses or acids.

This is the process that gives fermented foods their familiar tart flavor.

You may think it’s new age chefs and health practitioners behind the movement. But the country’s top health authorities, such as the Cleveland Clinic and Harvard, are raising public awareness about eating probiotic-friendly foods.

From IBS and Crohn’s disease to respiratory health issues and depression, promising scientific research on the benefits of fermented foods is underway.

There’s a strong correlation between gut health and the immune system, as well as mood, memory, vitamin absorption and overall health.

But instead of giving you more examples of fermented foods, I want to get to the root of it all to help you make your own decisions…

Here are 3 major benefits of fermented foods:

1. Spur your immune system into action

The gut microbiome is now believed to be the center of optimal physical and mental wellbeing—and breakthrough science supports the theory.

Last year, an astounding study published in PLoS Genetics revealed the reason why…

Humans possess cell receptors that, when activated by lactic acid bacteria, can stimulate immune activity.

Lactic acid bacteria are by-products of fermentation. When eaten, they alert the immune system of their presence by binding to the receptors. This alert system seems to produce an anti-inflammatory effect on the immune system.

2. Improve your digestion and gut health

The live cultures behind fermentation also populate the GI tract with beneficial bacteria, viruses and yeast, called probiotics.

Strains such as L. acidophilus and B. bifidum create a nourishing gut environment that’s better equipped to absorb nutrients and move toxins out of the body efficiently.

For instance, probiotics help regulate pH levels in the colon, which help promote faster elimination.

To maintain a balanced level of probiotics in your gut, add sauerkraut or kimchi to dishes for a kick of flavor. Or add a handful of berries to plain, whole milk yogurt.

3. Boost your absorption of vital nutrients

You’re only as healthy as the dietary nutrients you absorb. The live cultures found in fermented foods can aid your ability to digest, absorb and utilize micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and even macronutrients themselves.

For example, you’re better able to absorb protein when in the presence of fermented foods. Lactose is another example. Fermentation can ease the body’s ability to digest this troublesome dairy protein.

Researchers believe it’s because fermentation is in itself a form of pre-digestion—live yeast and probiotics start to break down food before you even eat it. 

To know the benefits of eating fermented foods, however, won’t get you any closer to experiencing them. They’re not abundant in the standard American diet, so it may take time for you to acquire a taste for them.

And… what do you do if you just don’t like the taste of fermented foods?

I want to make it easy for you to reap the benefits of food fermentation—from awakening your immune system and digestion to enhancing nutrient absorption.

With the goal of creating a powerful, immune-boosting formula that delivers fermented whole food nutrition, I searched for the best source I could find.

I found it in a one-of-a-kind ingredient, called EpiCor®.

Made using a trade secret, EpiCor is an unrefined “whole food fermentate”

This means that whole food ingredients are minimally processed through a special fermentation process.

The result is a highly nutritious ingredient comprised of proteins, amino acids, fibers, polyphenols and beta-glucans that work synergistically to support your immune system.  

EpiCor is so innovative, the FDA approved its status as a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) as a result of its groundbreaking clinical studies, safety studies and manufacturing process.

If you want to put this incredible immune-booster to work for you, you have to look beyond a store shelf in a vitamin aisle…

Because EpiCor is not widely available.

But, through my global relationships with nutritional scientists and laboratories, I tapped into the power of EpiCor to create an immune system booster unlike any other…

Introducing NAOMI Immunity

Whole-food nutrients plus antioxidants
clinically shown to help fortify your immune system

NAOMI Immunity Whole-Food 60ct

Only available through my website, NAOMI Immunity contains a clinical-strength dose of EpiCor … that’s 500 mg of potent cellular defense.

This is not an opinion—it’s science-backed…

Published studies reveal it can start boosting the immune system by increasing antioxidant activity in as few as 2 hours!

And, to enhance the anti-oxidative benefits of this novel ingredient, NAOMI Immunity is formulated with two more powerful ingredients:

  • Olive leaf extract (300 mg) contains immune-stimulating properties that support your body’s healthy response to inflammation, and…
  • Beta-glucan (200 mg) made from yeast cell walls can powerfully invigorate immune system cells.

If you enjoy eating fermented foods, keep it up!

If you’re new to fermented foods and want to experience the benefits of whole food fermentate at a higher level, then try NAOMI Immunity.

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