How to Boost your Immune System Instantly


We are all sharing, communicating and trying to help one another understand the impact of COVID-19 on our individual and collective health. Some of you are thinking long-term and want to know what you can do to fortify your immune system. Others want to know what can be done right now to protect your natural defenses.

Washing your hands thoroughly and regularly, and practicing etiquette when you sneeze and cough remains frontline defenses against exposure.

The next step is to secure internal insurance.

While reinforcing your immune system can take weeks of intensive nutritional therapy through foods and supplements, there’s one nutritional habit that can be an instant immune system booster

Take digestive enzymes.

Your gut hosts 70% of your immune system.

In the past, the immune and digestive systems were studied independently.

But the gut is where pathogens, germs and bacteria go when swallowed.

The digestive lining serves as a barrier that prevents nasty bugs from escaping before stomach acid can stop them in their tracks. And the small intestine is lined with mucus that contains antiviral and antibacterial substances.

In fact, a too-thin mucus lining leaves you vulnerable as bacteria and viruses can escape into your bloodstream and spread.

You know digestive enzymes as the family of proteins that break down fats, protein and carbs to unlock the nutrients inside.

Now it’s time to think of digestive enzymes as an immune system booster that can help you withstand a viral or bacterial attack.

A digestive enzyme supplement like NAOMI Digestive Enzyme can help enhance your body’s production of lipase, protease and amylase enzymes to support digestion and promote healthy immunity.

This is especially important if you’re over 50 or have a digestive condition that disrupts natural enzyme production.

But here’s the best part about taking a digestive enzyme supplement 

You can experience instant benefits!

All you have to do is take it right before a meal.

The natural enzymes quickly get to work breaking down macronutrients into vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can be absorbed.

It’s a simple but powerful step toward promoting healthy digestion and boosting your natural defenses.

This may be a stressful, trying time for all of us. But you’ll find peace of mind in knowing you’re doing everything you can to build a nutritional steel cage around your immune system health.

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