How Much MCT Oil Is Needed To Benefit A Keto Diet?


MCT Oil Benefits on a Keto Diet

To say I am passionate about MCT oil is a gross understatement. Even before I adopted a high fiber ketogenic diet, I had been using MCT oil for years. Personally, I’ve found MCTs to be incredibly beneficial for my metabolism, memory, and skin. I’ve even been known to add some MCT oil to a hot bath along with lavender and Epsom salts because it leaves my skin feeling so moisturized and smooth!

There are many reasons to use MCT oil in your diet: it can help improve memory and cognition, increase energy and support balanced blood sugar as well. When it comes to a ketogenic diet, however, MCT oil can truly be the secret weapon for becoming an efficient fat burner. In fact, it is truly remarkable!

What I have discovered personally, from experts and from community members like you, is that combining a ketogenic lifestyle (especially a High Fiber Keto lifestyle) with MCT oil can take health and wellness to the next level. Using MCT oil in daily life is an easy quick switch to make and can really 10X your progress.

How Much MCT Oil is Recommended on a Keto Diet?

You might be wondering “how much MCT oil is needed on a keto diet” or “how much MCT oil to achieve ketosis?”

The answer is that it can be quite individual! We are all unique and it may take some exploring to lock in all of the details of your personal keto plan.

First, it is very important to mention that if you aren’t used to MCT oil, you may want to start out with a low dose and then increase slowly, as tolerated. If you take too much MCT oil too quickly, it is possible to experience digestive discomfort including nausea, upset stomach, gas or loose stools. Try taking MCT oil with food at first, instead of on an empty stomach, to help build a tolerance.

I typically recommend starting with 1 teaspoon and slowly increasing to 1 tablespoon. MCT oil can be taken 1 to 3 times per day to support ketosis.

Note that higher doses may help you get into ketosis, but if weight loss is a goal, you want to encourage your body to use its own body fat as fuel. You may have to experiment to find your “sweet spot,” whether you are including enough MCT oil to reap all of the rewards while still supporting the ideal metabolic state for you.

Here are my favorite ways to use MCT oil:

  1. Mix MCT oil powder into full-fat yogurt.
  2. Use MCT oil in recipes such as this Zucchini Hummus.
  3. Use MCT oil in salad dressings. Try half olive oil and half MCT oil to start. Or, simply drizzle MCT oil on top of your keto meal.
  4. Mix MCT oil into Autophatea or your favorite tea.
  5. Add creamy MCT oil to smoothies and desserts. You’ll have to try my Orange Keto Ice Cream if you haven’t already!
  6. Upgrade your typical coffee creamer to Keto friendly creamer and enjoy MCT coffee!

As you can see, it is relatively easy to add MCTs into your daily keto routine and reap the benefits of this amazing fat! I’d love to hear from you – what are your favorite ways to use MCT oil or powder and what benefits have you noticed?

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