4 Amazing Weight Loss Supplements


When you’re trying to lose weight, it can be a very long, very difficult road. Between relearning everything you thought you knew about not only how to eat but also what to eat and how to exercise, it can get overwhelming. Additionally, certain health concerns or factors can make the hurdle seem almost insurmountable. And that’s why you need all the support you can get.

While incorporating movement and choosing a healthy diet plan featuring whole foods with high nutritional value (such as a high fiber keto diet) are absolutely critical for healthy weight management, we often miss one important factor that can go a long way: incorporating healthy weight loss supplements!

But here’s the problem: Not all weight loss supplements are the same. Some are filled with chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and even high levels of synthetic caffeine and other stimulants that leave you exposed to toxic overload while others offer absolutely zero nutritional value to begin with. And all this does is leave you wondering how you can best support your weight loss efforts.

If you’re in a position where you’re focusing on your overall health and are looking to support your weight loss efforts, finding a high-quality weight loss supplement may be the right next step in your health journey. So, what supplements are good for weight loss? Keep reading to learn about my top four recommended weight loss supplements that not only support your weight management efforts but also your overall health goals.

The Top 4 Healthy Weight Loss Supplements

So, what are the best supplements for weight loss? Here are a few all-natural options to support healthy weight management as well as overall health.

1. Spicefruit 

How it works:

Whenever I'm asked about healthy weight loss supplements, one supplement always springs to mind—the West African spicefruit. Known specifically for supporting healthy weight management and body fat percentages, the incredible spicefruit is packed with antioxidants and known to support metabolic health, which I discovered when I read a mind-blowing study about its use and then traveled to Cameroon to learn more.

Evidence of its effectiveness:

According to the study, when participants took 300 mg of spicefruit daily for eight weeks, they experienced the following:

  • Average weight loss of 13.8 pounds 
  • Decreased waist-size by 1.5 inches and hips by 1.7 inches
  • Reduced body fat by 5.3 percent

These results, which occurred despite no concerted efforts to change any diet or exercise habits, speak for themselves and confirms why so many consider spicefruit one of the best supplements for weight loss.

How to use:

When considering the use of spicefruit as one of your top supplements for weight loss, make sure to look for a product containing science-backed amounts. NAOMI GloSlim Spicefruit contains 300 mg per daily serving—the exact amount recommended in the study discussed above.

Weight loss supplements - Naomiw

2. Berberine

How it works:

Another one of the top healthy weight loss supplements you can take on a regular basis is berberine. This powerful compound is an excellent metabolism booster by way of its blood sugar supporting effects, which is why I often recommend it for those wondering how to lose weight.

Evidence of its effectiveness:

Berberine made the list of my top natural weight loss supplements because it’s been scientifically shown to turn on the enzyme 5' AMP-activated protein kinase, also known as AMPK, which is known as the “metabolic master switch.” By igniting thermogenesis, a process responsible for burning more fat than what is being produced, turning on AMPK supports healthy weight management.

How to use:

Berberine isn’t readily available in food, so it’s most effective when taken in potent 500 mg supplements three times each day with meals. Consider supplementing with a high-quality berberine such as NAOMI Berberine for three months before having your lab results evaluated to check your progress. Click here to learn more about berberine and how to best consume it for your health needs.

3. Mediterranean fat burner

How it works:

We can’t discuss what supplements help with weight loss without discussing the NAOMI Mediterranean Fat Burner supplement. This powerful capsule features a variety of citrus extracts from grapefruit, blood orange, and sweet orange as well as the synergistic guarana—all of which have been shown to aid in the breakdown of fat storage.

Evidence of its effectiveness:

Studies have found that certain citrus extracts could activate specific proteins known to help the liver to break down fatty acids. Additionally, the combination of these citrus extracts and the natural caffeine source of guarana has been clinically shown to support healthy body fat composition and body fat percentages. And one study showed that abdominal fat accounted for 65 percent of the total fat loss.

How to use:

While consuming antioxidant-rich whole foods such as citrus fruits can support whole-body health, for extra fat-burning potential, I recommend supplementing with a potent extraction such as the one found in NAOMI Mediterranean Fat Burner. Consuming this supplement twice daily (one capsule with breakfast and one with lunch) is most effective, especially if you’re sensitive to caffeine and need to avoid it at bedtime.

4. Saffron

How it works:

The last item featured in our list of the top healthy weight loss supplements is saffron. An ancient Middle Eastern golden spice, saffron is known to act as an appetite suppressant and help reduce cravings. And it’s these effects that make saffron one of the best supplements for weight loss. Why? Because a strong appetite for unhealthy, processed foods is a common struggle for many, often leading to weight gain.

Evidence of its effectiveness:

Numerous studies have shown that adding saffron to your daily diet can suppress appetite and therefore lead to reduced intake of calories, thereby supporting healthy weight management and body fat percentages. 

Researchers believe the primary benefits of saffron are likely due to its high concentration of carotenoids, which provide potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

How to use:

While you can use saffron in your culinary dishes, I recommend taking full advantage of its benefits in supplement form because it can be difficult to get enough saffron into your diet each day to help you control hunger and cravings.

Consider taking a quality supplement such as OMI WellBeauty Hunger Control with Saffron that features the only version of saffron shown in clinical studies to support hunger control and reduced cravings for maximum weight management benefits.

In Summary:

  • When you’re trying to lose weight, it can be a very long, very difficult road. But in addition to changing your diet, taking healthy weight loss supplements can go a long way.
  • When choosing supplements for weight loss, make sure they're potent, pure, and support whole-body health.
  • Some of the best supplements for weight loss include: spicefruit, berberine, Mediterranean Fat Burner, and saffron.