3 Ways to Sneak Resveratrol into Your Diet


Polyphenols are like kids: How do you pick a favorite? You really can’t, of course, but I do adore resveratrol because all of its amazing powers to fight inflammation and protect your body against cellular damage. While supplementation is preferred to get the recommended amount of resveratrol, you can use food to get that extra boost. That’s what makes trans-resveratrol such a special polyphenol. You can infuse it into your diet in fun and new ways.

Here are three quick ideas to sneak Resveratrol into your diet:


1When chilling out… Choose an organic dry red wine like a Pinot Noir. The grape skins and stems found in red wines have high levels of resveratrol, which can help in the battle against inflammation and aging. Extra tip: Use the same wine for cooking as you do for drinking.

2When craving something sweet… Make something decadently chocolate, like my Brownie bites or my Avocacao mint smoothie. You can even add cacao to sauces, like a mole sauce, or you can add to coffees and smoothies as well. Dark chocolate (specifically the cocoa component) can help fight against cell damage that happens in your body because it contains youth-boosting antioxidants.

3When preparing something for the family… Bake a berry crisp at your next family gathering to share resveratrol’s benefits. Berries have all the right antioxidants to protect against troublesome free radicals.