Naomi Whittel featured in Shape Magazine


Naomi Whittel: Featured in Shape Magazine


I am so excited to share the news of my feature article in Shape magazine that is on store shelves now. It powers you into my world of bio-optimization. It’s my mission to help you be your healthiest, strongest, utmost best self by showing you how to pair the best diet and exercise choices with your unique and beautiful Shape.

I talk about the power of nutrients – those healing substances in our food that we use as medicine to protect our precious health. I also share my favorite nutritional boosters that I add to my diet every day.

And…I reveal my fitness favorite that you can master to build your core and upper-body strength that I have perfected over the years after being inspired by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger when I was just a teen.

Join me on this unique journey to optimal health.

Naomi Whittel in Shape Magazine


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