The Top Motivations for Dietary Change


What is it that fuels people to change their dietary habits? Numbers on the scale? Disease risk? The desire to look and feel more attractive? Energy levels? Chronic pain? Why are you here and what motivates you I wonder?

Many believe that the three main factors motivating people to change their dietary behaviors are:  

  1. Self-image
  2. Personal health
  3. Social pressure 

When it comes to weight loss and good health, I agree that all three probably play a role in almost every diet motivation case. We all want to look good and feel good about ourselves. We all want to feel healthy, vital, mobile and strong. And we have all succumbed to social pressure at some point in our lives that has affected our actions.

Another key piece of the puzzle is a belief in our ability to change combined with the degree of ease surrounding the dietary path we choose.  Have we seen others be successful? How did they fare through the process? Did it seem like it was worth it for them? If it’s too much of a challenge, it won’t be sustainable and that’s a motivation killer. The point is that, in order to achieve a goal, you should explore your inner beliefs to learn what motivates you and formulate a solid and sustainable pathway to get to your goal. 

Motivation has been defined in the psychology literature as ‘the psychological forces or energies that impel a person toward a specific goal. In relation to dietary habits, our motivators might change as we age but, regardless of whether it’s the desire to lose weight or see some lab markers change, we all simply just want to feel better and live a life of joy and freedom.  

So which camp do you fall into – “I want to look good in my bikini” or “I want to reduce my knee pain?” or “I don’t want to be judged harshly by others?” What’s your ultimate goal? And yes, it can be a combination of course (as it most often is!)

Once you’ve identified what drives you toward your goal, you need to keep that motivational fire burning. Even the most strong-willed, determine people we know can sometimes become discouraged and fall short of their goals. Consider these tips to stay on track:

  • Use the buddy system: While motivation comes from within, you’re more likely to stick to a goal when you have a partner to keep you accountable. When others are watching, it is certainly more difficult to not keep your commitment. Having someone to share your struggles and successes with makes your dietary change that much easier and less intimidating.
  • Set small milestones: Sometimes it takes baby steps and small achievements along the way to get you to a realistic goal and keep your motivation going. Pamper yourself with rewards along the way that don’t contradict your success like a new exercise outfit, a square of dark chocolate, or a nice glass of red wine!
  • Be realistic: Establish feasible goals that you have a shot at reaching. One sure way to fall short or to lose your motivation is to make your goal unattainable. For example, it is common for someone to jump on the “lose more than 10 pounds in one week” bandwagon. Many dieters are lured by these unrealistic promises and forget that, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. After falling short in the first round, you’re much less likely to be motivated to try again. Take small steps where you can see progress.

Experts say it takes more than 20 repetitions for a new activity to become a habit and often times up to six months for it to become part of your routine and a natural part of your personality. There are no quick fixes, miracle pills, or fad diets that will help you achieve your ideal weight overnight. I know that extreme plans don’t work, but that long-term lifestyle changes do. 

My point-of-view is that a lifestyle program such as my Glow15 program is one of the most viable approaches to achieving and maintaining an ideal weight while still keeping you motivated because it’s just challenging enough to maintain your interest yet simple enough to keep you from being overwhelmed.  Plus, it works. If results don’t keep you inspired to keep going and growing, I don’t know what will! 

Glow15 is a sustainable lifelong approach, starting with a 15-day kick-start to set you on the right path. Here’s what you can expect in those first two weeks:

  • Increased Energy: You will feel more alert and focused during the day. I felt three times as much energy when I started integrating the principles of Glow15 into my life—and so have the many women who have also done so.
  • Younger looking skin: Many participants have reported seeing fewer lines and brown spots, and smoother, softer skin.
  • Loss of a few pounds & inches: Yes, most diets do yield an initial loss of weight from cutting calories. Glow15 users have reported weight loss up to 7 pounds and a loss of 4 inches from the waist in the kick- start period.
  • Mental & Physical Strength: As your body physically changes you will feel stronger but you’ll also have a boost of mental confidence.  

Regardless of what your personal motivation for initiating a dietary change might be, the tangible results you can expect from a program that can kick-start change will encourage you to take something new and make it commonplace for you. A program like Glow15 is the way I live. It’s not a 15-day quick fix that is meant to be abandoned after two weeks. It’s a mindset, a lifestyle and a real commitment to achieving my best life. May it become a regular part of restoring your youth and beauty and helping you sustain a longer healthier life!

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