The Five Favorite Senses of My Home


“Home” means so much to all of us. Home is about our families and our memories—and in a lot of ways, it’s our environmental soul. While we manage the craziness and stresses of our day-to-day lives, we also know that our home base is, well, our happy place.

Home may be where the heart is, yes, but it’s also where all five of your senses get to let loose on your favorite playground. Here, I want to share with you my favorite parts about my favorite place, sense by sense:


Before I step inside my home after work, I take in nature—the sights of the plants and trees, as well as the sounds of the birds chirping, the fountain flowing, and the leaves rustling. Recent studies have shown that being in nature benefits your health and happiness, especially when actively interacting with nature by doing things such as watering plants and feeding birds. In one study, participants embarked on a month-long challenge to do “something wild” every day. The result: A 30-percent increase in the number of people who said their health was in excellent condition. Another study suggests that nature can reduce hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and improve mental wellbeing. For me, it’s about really helping me feel calm, clear-headed, and happy.


The first thing I do when I get inside? Hug my kids. Unsurprisingly, human and animal interaction is associated with improved health and happiness. Additionally, a loving touch releases feel-good endorphins. And of course, after those hugs, I make sure to talk to my family, listen to their problems and share my own. Good conversation and communication allow us to feel close to one another, work through problems, and release any negativity we may have felt during the day.


The lemons on my lemon tree! The refreshing scent of citrus allows me to feel alert yet tranquil. Inside, I always have essential oils in my bedroom, my kitchen, and the mudroom, which evokes a sense of serenity. My favorite scent is citrus bergamot, and you can be sure to find it in my home at all times!


How can I pick just one? When I get home, I drink a tall glass of spring water and add a bit of salt to it for added electrolytes. The first thing I eat is usually a salad or green veggies such as cucumbers, celery, lettuce, or seaweed. These wholesome vegetables serve to hydrate me, nourish me, and replenish me after a long day—and before I have a delicious keto-friendly meal consisting of protein and good fats. 


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