The Fine Art of Aging Radiantly


Today we conclude our 5-part Aging Well Series by answering the big question on everyone’s mind: how do I age without ‘looking old’?

Aging means different things to different people. To some it’s a feeling of having all-day energy and freedom of not having to hold back on account of aches, pains and other health limitations. To others, aging is outward; it’s skin and hair that defy time and gravity. No matter how you define aging, doing it radiantly encompasses a combination of preventative measures and maintenance.

Everyday threats to your skin’s radiance

Your skin is bombarded with both internal and external threats that affect the condition of your skin as you age. Menopause, DNA, nutrient absorption and low-grade inflammation can threaten your ability to preserve smooth, glowing skin. Add lifestyle factors such as stress, insufficient sleep and poor diet, and it’s easy to see how your body’s largest organ may be fighting an uphill battle against aging. And these are only the internal factors!

On the outside you have exposure to UV rays, as well as pollution and chemicals that enter your skin through household and beauty products. As a porous, living organ, your skin absorbs these foreign substances that have the capacity to damage skin tissue and interfere with healthy function. 

Your best defense against premature aging

A good offense is your best defense against premature aging (and a less than optimal set of genes) that includes skincare and nutrition. This is the foundation of healthy skin that does its job of protecting your body from external threats and looks good doing it.

For a skincare routine that makes a difference you can see in the mirror, choose products that polish and deeply nourish skin. Clean skincare products that use real nutrients, inflammation-fighting antioxidants and revitalizing botanicals work to visibly hydrate and refresh skin while promoting the cell turnover needed for smooth, youthful skin with fewer wrinkles.

Nutrients that feed your skin

But skincare is more than what you put on the surface. The reality is that younger-looking skin is primarily an “inside job.”

The supporting structure underneath your skin is woven from collagen and elastin—two key proteins that contribute to skin’s firmness and elasticity—and hydrating natural substances like ceramides and hyaluronic acid that need to be replenished to reduce dryness and rough texture.

For daily ‘skincare from within’, add NAOMI Collagen Renewal Matrix to your age-defying routine. Formulated with collagen, elastin and antioxidants, plus hyaluronic acid and ceramides to retain moisture, it’s the most comprehensive formula you’ll find to fight wrinkles, hydrate deeply and fight the effects of pollution.

The facts about hair thinning

One of the most distressing aspects of aging for both women and men is thinning hair. Every strand is as precious as gold when you start to see more and more hair swirling down the shower drain or tangled on your brush. And the fact that nearly half of women experience excessive hair shedding is of little consolation because there’s no denying that a shiny, full head of hair to style however you want makes you look younger and feel beautiful and confident—period.

Groundbreaking research on hair shedding reveals that you simply CANNOT dismiss nutrition in your goal to maintain optimal hair growth. It’s why doctors who treat thinning hair inquire about dietary intake of protein, iron and other nutrients known to be an important part of the hair growth cycle.

Hair under siege

About 80% of your hair is made of a protein called keratin. This tough, fibrous protein is also found in nails and on skin’s surface layer. The protein you eat is broken down into amino acids that are used to form keratin in the hair shaft, a process that also relies on the key B-vitamin, biotin, plus iron and other nutrients.

But as you age, a number of events can interfere with this normal growth process. Appetite naturally decreases, which reduces the amount of food you eat and nutrients you need, especially protein. Hidden inflammation and stress can disrupt what used to be normal function. And free radicals from sunlight and other factors can damage follicles and reduce the growth phase.   

The “hair food” your hair craves

To promote healthy hair growth, be sure to increase your intake of dietary protein such as meat, chicken, fish and dairy, and colorful fruits and vegetables. All are rich in key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help your body produce keratin and combat follicle-damaging free radicals.                       

And for a comprehensive solution that helps reduce excess hair shedding by nearly 50%, try NAOMI Keratin featuring a powerful form of keratin, 4 B-vitamins, minerals and resveratrol to support healthy hair growth, volume and shine. 

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