Aging Well Series, Part 1: A Woman’s Guide to Heart Health


Keeping up with the latest research on healthy aging from around the world is a daunting task.  But my team and I live for it. We sift through the claims, separating fact from fiction, to deliver science-based solutions and actionable health advice.

To help you decide what’s best for your needs, I created this 5-part Aging Well Series that reveals what you really need to know about aging well. 

Starting today, I’ll be covering the most common health challenges we face as we age through the lens of my more than two decades travelling the globe to discover natural health solutions backed by the latest anti-aging scientific research.

In Part 1, I cover the biggest threat to healthy aging and women's longevity – cardiovascular health.

Healthy cholesterol, triglyceride, blood sugar and blood pressure are all a major part of maintaining a healthy heart. And there are several key tools and nutrients that can help you do this.  

So, let’s get started helping you improve your cardiovascular health so you can stay active and age fearlessly.

A Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Heart

Heart conditions are the #1 killer of women, causing 1 in 3 deaths annually, according to the American Heart Association. And while you know that committing to a healthy heart regimen is important, there’s more at stake than just avoiding elevated levels of bad cholesterol. Here’s what you should know and what you can do to reduce your risk factors.

But first, let’s debunk a myth…

There’s an even bigger threat to your heart health than unhealthy fats, too much sugar and lack of exercise…and that’s the belief that you’re powerless against heart issues – especially if genetic.

I’ve written before about my own predisposition to heart issues due to genetically high “bad” LDL cholesterol. Many adults accept poor heart health as fate because it runs in the family or as an inevitable symptom of aging. This passive stance, however, could prevent you from advocating for your own health and cause you to ignore early warning signs.

And when you consider that “heart health” is the result of multiple contributing factors including lipids, blood-sugar, blood pressure, body fat and stress levels, you can start to see that you have more influence than you think. So, if heart issues run in your family like they do in mine, ignore the myth and create an action plan instead.   

Heart health doesn’t only benefit the heart…

We tend to think of the cardiovascular system as working independently from other organs and functions, the result of Western medicine’s practice of ‘treating the symptom, not the cause’.

Holistic health teaches us that the body functions synergistically with every system working in support of each other to collectively promote healthy living and healthy aging.

Having a healthy heart doesn’t just mean keeping arteries clear. The connection between the heart and other vital systems is indisputable:

  • The heart pumps blood and oxygen through the circulatory system to promote visionkidney functionsexual function and cognition.
  • Good HDL cholesterol is used to produce vitamin D and certain vital hormones for women, such as estrogen.
  • Arteries and blood vessels depend on balanced blood-sugar levels for maintaining optimal function and elasticity.
  • A healthy cardiovascular system is connected to a healthy brainmemory, and sharp thinking.

Natural solutions to protect your heart…

My approach to reducing my own risk factors includes incorporating natural extracts backed by data-driven science. From reducing cholesterol to supporting blood pressure, the three ingredients I’m about to describe are sure to get your doctor’s nod of approval the next time you have your numbers checked!

Citrus bergamot is a small orange native to Calabria, Italy, and it’s nothing short of a cholesterol-lowering “miracle fruit”. Many years ago, a prominent molecular biologist at Italy’s University Magna Graecia introduced me to the powerful heart-healthy polyphenols concentrated in the pith of the fruit.

Studies show that taking 500 - 1,000 mg daily of citrus bergamot extract can help lower bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, help improve good HDL cholesterol, and support healthy blood pressure.***  And that’s not all—this “powerphenol” also gives your ticker a boost by helping to balance blood-sugar levels, which contributes to healthy blood vessel walls.

Resveratrol is another time-tested, science-backed polyphenol. Thousands of studies reveal that it supports the cardiovascular system and restores healthy tissue, due to its potent, active molecule, trans-resveratrol.

Olive leaf extract may not have the heart health recognition of olive oil, but it’s even more effective at balancing blood pressure. In fact, taking 1,000 mg of concentrated olive leaf extract has been shown to significantly improve both systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings.*

If lowering bad cholesterol is your main goal, you’ll enjoy the combined benefits of citrus bergamot and resveratrol found in NAOMI Citrus Bergamot. It delivers a clinical dose of proprietary citrus bergamot extract with a therapeutic dose of resveratrol from wildcrafted and organic sources. Best of all, you only need 1 capsule daily, but can take up to 2 for more intensive benefits.

High blood pressure is one of the first and most subtle signs of increasing heart health risk. To help push blood pressure back to a healthy range, try NAOMI BP Advanced featuring a clinically researched dose of 1000 mg of concentrated olive leaf extract, plus vitamin K2 to help keep blood vessels and arteries flexible.  

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