OMI WellBeauty™ Build + Protect supports your Beauty Proteins form the foundation of visible health & radiance


Your body produces three beauty proteins that help build and maintain healthy hair, skin and nails.

  • Collagen for skin structure 

  • Elastin for skin firmness/elasticity 

  • Keratin for hair and nails

aging STARTS when
Beauty PROTEINS degrade

Skin has a natural renewal process that relies on a group of enzymes called MMPs (metalloproteinases). Their job is to break-down damaged tissue and support production of collagen, elastin and keratin to form new tissue. But MMP activity can become overactive as a result of aging, sun exposure, environmental toxins and lifestyle factors such as stress, poor diet and lack of sleep.  

This causes the enzymes to accelerate the breakdown of skin tissue and you see: 

  • Wrinkles form as firmness and elasticity diminish 
  • Loss of moisture invites dryness and roughness
  • Hair loses strength and thickness
  • Nails become brittle


Why OMI WellBeauty™ Build + Protect is unique:

Unlike most supplements that primarily focus on just building collagen, our advanced beauty supplements both build collagen and protect the skin’s precious beauty matrix from destructive MMP activity.

OMI WellBeauty™ Build + Protect is expertly formulated to restore a balanced breakdown-and-renew cycle to support firm, supple skin, and thick, beautiful hair and strong nails.  

Our formulas target the most common age-related concerns, including wrinkles, sagging, dryness and thinning hair. To build a healthy collagen matrix, we combine easy-to-absorb beauty proteins, moisturizers and antioxidants. To protect it, every formula also features our proprietary age-fighting ingredient, MMPro™ that combines three powerful plant extracts to prevent destructive MMP activity and build + protect your foundation of beauty.

Choose your OMI WellBeauty™ Build + Protect supplement today, and begin to radiate beauty from the inside out!


Natural health expert, women’s wellness advocate and acclaimed author Naomi Whittel helped inspire the WellBeauty™ philosophy and the OMI brand. OMI – pronounced ‘OH-me’ –stands for Outside Meets Inside. It’s the idea of the right nutrition helping you to feel good from the inside out, in a way that helps you radiate beauty and confidence at any age.

Naomi has travelled the world to pioneer new ingredients and products, and was the CEO of Twinlab, one of the most long-standing nutritional companies in America. Her book Glow 15 was also a New York Times best-seller.

Naomi’s personal experiences, appreciation for the power of nature, and entrepreneurial drive is what drove her to seek out unique ways to support a woman’s path to wellness.