Tea Seed Oil: Toasted Cabbage Salad


Combined with caramelized onion, a delicate crunch from the walnuts and the slight tang from the vinaigrette, this salad touches on all flavor profiles. Not only do I love this salad from a culinary perspective but it also amuses my desire to eat foods that uplift my health and wellness during the holidays.

Most women fear a sluggish thyroid (aka metabolism) and think the holidays equal automatic weight gain. But when you eat foods containing fiber, anti-inflammatory fats (such as the tea seed oil and walnuts here), polyphenol-rich plants (like the cabbage, parsley, and thyme) you will be surprised that not only will you not gain weight, but you might actually lose weight (imagine that!). If thyroid imbalances are a true concern for you, cooking your cabbage is a great way to go. Regardless what health concern you are working with, this salad is a home run on all of our family tables – enjoy!