No-Bake Keto Mississippi Mud Pie


There’s nothing quite like a decadent, rich dessert for the holidays—and a popular favorite is Mississippi Mud Pie. Unfortunately, it’s often associated with inflammatory sugar that can wreak havoc on even the healthiest body. But what if I told you that I have a recipe straight from my secret vault that’s not only free of inflammatory ingredients but also good for you and requires absolutely zero baking?

That’s right—it’s a No-Bake Keto Mississippi Mud Pie that’s not only absolutely rich and delicious but also guilt-free and even keeps you in the health-promoting state of ketosis! This is one recipe your guests will rave about for holidays to come! 

What Is Mississippi Mud Pie? 

Before we dive into this No-Bake Keto Mississippi Mud Pie recipe, let’s take a quick look at the Mississippi mud pie history and what a Mississippi mud pie is made of. First, have you ever wondered why it’s called Mississippi mud pie? This decadent chocolate dessert originated in Mississippi and is named after the mud found along the Mississippi River, where people would go to cool their feet on a hot summer day. 

Now, while that doesn’t exactly sound appetizing, the ingredients of the traditional mud pie may change your mind. From the chocolate cookie crust to the brownie, chocolate pudding, and whipped cream topping, it’s truly a chocolate lover’s dream. But with its high amounts of inflammatory sugar (with an estimated 57 grams in just one slice!), it can wreck even the healthiest diet. And if you’re following a keto diet, it will throw you out of ketosis in a second. So, let’s review how you can take the original Mississippi mud pie recipe and make it healthy.

Challenge: Making A Healthy Mud Pie Recipe!

Fortunately, the main star of any mud pie recipe—chocolate—isn’t the main offender. It’s the inflammatory sugar causing most of the issues. So, by substituting table sugar with a keto-friendly sweetener, you can eliminate a significant amount of the inflammatory ingredients in your Mississippi mud pie
Another key element is to replace the traditional chocolate cookie crust with your own homemade version that doesn’t contain the high carb content of the cookies. You can do this by replacing traditional flour with a keto-friendly alternative. Keep reading to see the key ingredients I used in my No-Bake Keto Mississippi Mud Pie.

Key Ingredients in This No-Bake Keto Mississippi Mud Pie

My No-Bake Keto Mississippi Mud Pie features almond flour and a powdered keto sweetener in place of traditional high-carb flour and table sugar. Personally, I like to use monk fruit or erythritol powdered sweeteners, as they’re keto-friendly and measure cup-for-cup to regular sugar. I also used keto-friendly chocolate chips and unsweetened cocoa powder for the filling to keep table sugar at bay. And, finally, I also made sure to include coconut oil for a healthy fat source as well as walnuts to provide a nice crunchy topping.

How to Make No-Bake Keto Mississippi Mud Pie

So, how do you make this healthy Mississippi mud pie? First, it was important to me to keep my No-Bake Keto Mississippi Mud Pie recipe easy, so it only takes 15 minutes of prep time and features basic ingredients you can find at any local grocery store. I also made sure to make this Mississippi mud pie recipe “no-bake” to cut down on the work required.

To make this mud pie, begin by combining almond flour, your keto-friendly sweetener, cocoa powder, a little cinnamon, and some sea salt in a food processor. Once it’s well combined, you’ll add in about half of a cup of melted butter and process until a dough forms. Next, you’ll press the dough into a pie pan to form the crust and place in the refrigerator until you’re ready to add the filling.

Mississippi mud pie - Naomiw

To make the filling, you’ll melt keto-friendly chocolate chips with coconut oil in a microwave and then divide the melted chocolate into two bowls and allow it to cool. Meanwhile, use a mixer to beat heavy whipping cream, more keto-friendly powdered sweetener, and vanilla extract until the mixture becomes fluffy. Remove half of the mixture and then add some cocoa powder and one bowl of the melted chocolate into the whipped cream and combine well.

Mississippi mud pie - Naomiw

Once the mixture is combined, spread the chocolate whipped cream onto the pie crust in an even layer and top with the remaining whipped cream. Top with a handful of walnuts and drizzle with the remaining melted chocolate. Finally, place the pie in the refrigerator for at least four hours and serve cold.

And there you have it: the best—and easiest—No-Bake Keto Mississippi Mud Pie ever!

Mississippi mud pie - Naomiw