Dandelion: Dandelion Chamomile Tea



It’s one of my favorite afternoon rituals when I want to begin slowing down and working with the natural rhythms of my biology so I can prepare for a great nights rest. Dandelion is a mild diuretic and helps detoxify and release what the body has been holding onto during the day. Chamomile is calming and helps the body and mind settle down in a way that’s constructive for sleep. The fresh lemon adds to the detoxification effect and the bergamot perfumes the tea while also giving you a dose of polyphenols to increase your body’s ability to repair and restore. Speaking of polyphenols, the tea seed oil provides a magnificent source too. The healthy fat helps stabilize your blood sugar, right at the time many of us experience a dip in blood sugar and want to hit the candy machine! Sip, savor, soothe, (and relax!). 


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