Creamy MCT: Supercharged Green Smoothie


This is one of my favorite versions of a green smoothie, as it includes nutrient-dense ingredients like broccoli sprouts, which contain high concentrations of sulforaphanes which help reduce oxidative stress, and parsley, which contains lutein and zeaxanthin to support eye health.

This smoothie is supercharged by one of my favorite good fats in the most delicious form, Creamy MCT. Our Creamy MCT is formulated using a special patented delivery process that helps your body utilize these medium-chain fats more quickly. Because of this unique absorption process, you can more easily reach and maintain ketosis, speed up the burning of fat stores and optimize your cognitive function. And here is something incredible…when you ingest a tablespoon of MCTs they immediately work to double your ketone production within four hours.


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    For Burning Fat and Boosting Metabolism