Seven Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making Good Fats A Goal For Wellness



The world of keto can be downright daunting, don’t you think? From the time I was a little girl, my mother served me a breakfast of eggs, berries and cod liver oil (I know, sounds very odd!), but that solid beginning with sound nutrition has made me an advocate of supplementing my diet with key nutrients, good fats to reduce inflammation, stay healthy and slow the aging process.

With that said, no supplementation should replace whole fatty foods and regular exercise to achieve and maintain a healthy body and mind (think: nature’s pharmacy always comes first!), but they sure can complement a diet rich in good fats (including the keto diet) and fitness plan in a significant way. Plant extracts in the form of polyphenols play a huge role in activating your cellular detoxification process known as autophagyAutophagy promotes vitality and a longer life, so anything that helps stimulate it is something I want you to know more about! Since polyphenols are paramount players in activating your autophagy and supplementing a lifestyle of wellness, I have included them as one of the foundational components of my book, Glow15.

Since deciding if and with what you should be supplementing with can be so tricky, read on to consider seven important questions to ask yourself before starting a supplement program to accompany a diet full of Good Fats:

What is your diet history like?

Growing up in Europe, it’s not uncommon in many cultures to start out the day with cod liver oil for breakfast, I was fortunate that this and other healthy habits gave me a solid nutritional base. With the Standard American Diet (SAD), most do not have this luxury, and on the contrary have been served a diet history filled with meals abundant in simple carbs, like sugars. A lack of nutrients in your younger years can increase how quickly you age. In addition to adopting the nutrient dense meal plan you’ll begin with on Glow15, that naturally incorporates all the good fats, and even if you are modifying for keto, certain supplements will also help fill in the gaps to help get your nutritional base where it needs to be, setting the stage for autophagy.  

How are your stress levels?

Did you know that stress actually depletes your nutrient stores? This means that the chronic stress so many of us face in today’s unnaturally fast-paced society makes you a prime candidate for nutrient deficiencies, which is another big reason I include polyphenols in my daily diet. Specific polyphenols (which I’ve named Powerphenols for their powerful ability to both protect and activate autophagy) are compounds naturally formed to protect plants against aggressors like disease, insects and UV rays. They offer the same protective benefits to the human body which is why I want you to start including them in your diet today.

In an ideal world, you’d be able to eliminate unnecessary stressors from your busy life, but this isn’t always realistic! Smart nutritional supplementation with Powerphenols can help to combat the many negative effects of chronic stress, and prolong your life. Don’t assume that you can wash down stress with a few powerful supplements though. Your stress still needs to be properly managed, because self-care and stress relief is also a key aspect of creating a proper environment for autophagy and ultimately wellness!

Do you eat organic?

Sadly, modern food production opts for quantity over quality, and your health and mind suffers because of it. This is even more important on a high fat and or keto diet. Both soil and water sources have been seriously depleted and polluted, and this degradation is reflected in the lower nutritional value of the foods you regularly eat. If you eat and have always eaten organic produce, grass-fed, and pasture-raised meat and eggs, you’ve got a leg up! If not, supplementing with Powerphenols can make a difference.  

What is your Exercise History?

A sedentary lifestyle has been shown to lead to obesity and accelerated aging, and is often accompanied by a less-than-healthy diet. A lack of physical activity also contributes to weakened muscles and joints, which can require a solid influx of nutrients to get back on track. If you want to refresh your outlook on what exercise can offer you, please check out the exercise program in Glow15. It will jump-start your physical fitness, and when paired this with the Powerphenol supplement plan in the program, you’ll be on the fast track to autophagy and benefiting from your keto lifestyle.

Do you suffer from digestive issues?

5  Many people are surprised to learn that even when you eat a healthy good fat diet, your digestive health can still be compromised, you may not be absorbing much of what you eat. Your digestive system needs to be in tip-top shape for optimal absorption of nutrients and fats from food, but since GI issues are increasingly common many of us, some are surprised to hear that their “keto, high fat or wholesome” diet isn’t enough. A few common culprits that can damage your GI tract include chronic stress, eating foods you are intolerant or allergic to, (which you may not be aware of) and a diet (or diet history) rich in processed foods and sugar.

Furthermore, it’s normal biology that as you age, your body has more trouble breaking down and absorbing foods due to a natural decline in both hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes. This decline often leads to some degree of malabsorption, and supplementing with Powerphenols can help fill in the gaps.

What’s your environment like?

6  Nutrients help your body fight what I call, Accelerated Agers – environmental toxins that are sometimes unavoidable. Depending on how many of these agers you combat, you could be at greater risk for nutrient deficiencies. Increasingly common agers include lack of sleep, anxiety and chronic stress, and environmental toxins like air and water pollution. One fascinating study found that within just two hours of being exposed to these accelerated agers, nutrient levels took a drastic hit. Polyphenols seemed to be impacted most of all, meaning that getting in extra via supplementation can slow down aging and prevent disease.

How are your energy levels?

7  Sometimes, your body sends you clear signals when it’s missing key nutrients, and lack of energy is definitely a big one to pay attention to. While it’s not always the case, often consistently low energy and fatigue is a sign that your body is lacking in some important nutrients, especially vitamins K, E, D, A, C, B vitamins and polyphenolic antioxidants. 

My hope is that you’re getting really excited about the powerful combination of a nourishing diet that celebrates the abundance of tasty good fats available to us and a smart supplementation plan rich in Powerphenols!