Autophagy: A Serendipitous Aligning Of Science and Passion


I’m an optimist. I see opportunity everywhere. It makes life so rich and succulent to feel like you’re always on the brink of being at the right place at exactly the right time for amazing things to happen! And so it was, as I was sitting at a luncheon on the coast of beautiful Calabria, Italy with some of the leading scientists in the world discussing the cardiovascular and cholesterol (redundant) benefits of a local plant called citrus bergamot, a fruit most commonly found in Earl Grey tea that has powerful polyphenol properties traditionally used to treat high cholesterol.

I was seated next to Dr. Elzbieta Janda — an incredibly sharp mind in modern science. Dr. Janda, a molecular biologist at the University Magna Graecia, explained to me that citrus bergamot has a high concentration of flavonoids specifically found in the bitter rind (the pith) that expand the capacity for anti-aging in humans. This unique characteristic, she said, activates a function in our bodies that I had never heard of before: Autophagy.

Awtafo what?

I know you are probably just as confused about how to pronounce autophagy as you are intrigued by it, right? I was, too! For starters, it’s pronounced, “aw-TOFF-uh-gee.” The most basic definition is to think of it as your body’s own cellular detox program. But unlike many “cleanses” and “detoxes” we’re bombarded with on TV, this one is 100% physiological and harnesses your own biology to restore your vitality, slow down the aging process, prevent disease and help you bust through a weight loss barrier. In other words, this type of cleanse doesn’t involve drinking any weird beverages, eating tasteless cardboard-like food or torturing yourself with hours of excessive exercise. Autophagy is completely natural and happening inside of you all the time to different degrees, even when you don’t realize it!

It’s utterly amazing and I’m so excited to share it with you. This is your new cleanse, a cellular cleanse! And your upgraded beauty tool and your last weight loss program. After you learn about it and try it for yourself, I’m sure it will be your only one, too. Here’s why:

“–Your last weight loss program.”

As Dr. Janda explained to me, it’s as natural for our cells to self-cleanse (autophagy literally means self (“auto”) – eating (“phagy”)) as it is for them to undergo normal wear and tear. What that means to me as an optimist, is that while growing older is inevitable, “aging” as we know it, is not. We don’t have to accept wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, lackluster energy, weight that slowly creeps on and stays on, mental fogginess, poor sleep, rising blood sugars and blood pressure levels, loss of muscle mass and of course, forfeiting our natural beauty as our inevitable fate. We have more control than we think.

“–Growing older is inevitable… “Aging” as we know it, is not.”

I came home to the States buzzed with a new sense of purpose and an excitement about the work cut out ahead of me to learn everything I could about autophagy so that I could share it with you. As I met with the leading researchers, doctors, scientists and experts studying autophagy I learned something so completely bewildering that I get the goosebumps even thinking about it.

At its core, autophagy is an example of how our bodies are also natural optimists. You see, to activate autophagy, your body needs to be in a slightly healthy state of stress. In order to remove the toxic debris in our cells that lead to aging and disease, allowing, or even creating the stage for a little stress to occur leads to a great outcome: a new tool in the science of anti-aging. Here again, I was reminded of the wisdom I have lived my life by – that being an opportunist allows you to see beauty in life’s contrast. I loved having scientific evidence to support my trust in nature and look for the positive.

Stress: It’s Good For You.

While we generally think of “stress” as a bad thing for the body, it’s the high dose that makes the poison. When the body is a little stressed, autophagy is turned “up,” and when it’s not, autophagy is muted. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles typically overwhelm the stress response and more often than not, most of us have diminished the amount of autophagy occurring within us as a result. Which means, we are inadvertently increasing our aging process and unnecessarily wasting our money, time and precious resources on the hottest “cleanse,” and anti-aging products, treatments, procedures, medications and torturous diet and exercise programs when it’s actually much simpler than that. A less complicated anti-aging strategy will elevate the biological process of autophagy, and increase cellular repair and renewal every day by learning a few easy lifestyle tricks that anyone can do.

Lotions. Potions. Creams. Cleanses. Treatments. Procedures. Could you unknowingly be increasing your aging process with them? Stop wasting your time and money – it’s actually much simpler than that.

So, how do you actually unmute your own autophagy and kick things into high gear? There are ways to safely create a little stress to help turn the volume up and allow the pathways of autophagy to do its repair work within your cells. The current science on autophagy suggests the top ways to increase autophagy in your body include diet, exercise and targeted supplements of high-quality nutrients, polyphenols, and fats.

In my book, Glow15, I go into great detail sharing my best tips on how to activate autophagy. I’m so excited to share real-life solutions to help you learn how to take back your youth, invigorate your beauty and stave off disease by simply enabling a process that’s entirely normal for our bodies to perform more often and with more vigor.

As I have experienced through my own trials activating autophagy, there’s a lot of exciting information out there. Especially since in 2016 Nobel Prize-winning scientist Yoshinori Ohsumi proved autophagy to be the one true physiological detox program that is 100% backed by science. You can imagine how the internet is abuzz with information to help you best renew and cleanse your cells. I want to make sure you have the right information so you can jump in safely and get the results I’ve seen so many of my friends, family, and colleagues – not to mention the success of the 36 women who participated in the clinical trial and the 1000s of women who have had success with using the Glow15 program on autophagy.  Here are just a few of their stories:

I started the Glow15 program in late April and usually applaud quick success stories from others, though they have not been a part of my story in the past…until now. I gave up sugar the last week in April and have been eating avocados (an almost forbidden delight in my book) daily. In a week and a half, I lost just under 5 lbs at 61 years old. This is awesome!! By June 1 this number increased to 10 lbs utilizing IFPC principals. I’ve been on the road quite a bit during this time, so I haven’t been perfect, but have taken the Glow15 formula with me along the way. It’s doable and I know I can incorporate more in the future. This is a lifestyle I can stay with. Thank you, Naomi, for developing Glow15 and spreading the word!!” – Julie L.

“This program has touched a passion that I can embrace and stand 100% behind. The results are real and tangible even though it is a process and lifetime feels right in my heart. The fact that Naomi and her amazing staff are not touting vegetarianism, paleo, raw, and keto as the only way but just a few scientific proven facts that we can incorporate with own individual lifestyle..comes across with sincerity and integrity. Each of us are unique with what works for us.” Kimberlie D.

“Glow15 changed my life – and my body! I lost almost 10 pounds in the first 15 days, and by the next 15 days my body fat percentage went down 3% and my waist was 3 inches smaller. Until my late 30s, I didn’t really worry about my weight – but two kids, and too much eating off their plates later – and the pounds just started creeping up. I got to a point where I almost didn’t recognize myself. I tried a few things, but I didn’t see the results fast enough, so I gave up. And then I tried Glow15– and the changes were almost immediate.” Kerry

Discover with me!

Naomi Whittel

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