10 Ways To Increase Your Fat Intake


Do a simple, quick Google search on how to increase your fat intake, and it will become obvious how unpopular this concept is! Sure you can find tips on how to cut fat or my favorite, “Increase your metabolism by decreasing your fat intake.” If only that were true, we would all be walking around like fitness models! But trust me, with the incredible research becoming more widely known and accepted by the medical community regarding the benefits of increasing healthy dietary fats, you’ll soon find it hard not to see these tips everywhere. So let me offer you some of my favorite ways to sneak more fat into your diet, and you’ll be ahead of the game!

Make or purchase creative pesto’s for dipping vegetables in or for topping meat with. Here is my favorite easy go-to pesto sauce recipe.

If you have access to humanely raised, grass-fed, organically fed meat and or wild fish, choose the fatty cuts like wings, legs, and keep that skin on! Since toxins are stored in fat, please choose these high-quality options.

Enjoy full fat, rich, decadent dark chocolate. Real cacao is not only a good source of saturated fatty acids, but it provides a rich source of antioxidants that protect your heart and health. 

Enjoy wild-caught Alaskan Wild Cod and Salmon a couple of times of the week. Or take a high-quality supplement to provide yourself Omega-3 fatty acids.

After you prepare your salad or vegetables in an oil-based dressing, drizzle a bit more oil like my favorite tea seed oil, on top before serving.

Make fat the center of your plate instead of carbs or protein. For example, some mornings my meal is avocado with a drizzle of tea seed oil! 

Add fat to your favorite comfort beverage. Mine is tea, so I love adding a couple of teaspoons of tea seed oil to my morning tea, Autophatea. Blending it creates a frothy finish that I love! 

Reinvent snacking. Instead of chips, fruit or cookies, opt for fat bombs! They are really fun to make and even more fun to dream up the many possibilities. Simply choose two fats you love. One of them should be a saturated fat, so your bombs congeal at room temperature. You can find my fat bomb recipe here

Add a serving of power seeds to your smoothies. Every smoothie I make includes some ground flax, chia or hemp seed or even a combination of them.

If you tolerate dairy, enjoy full-fat cream and butter in your desserts, soups, and sauces instead of lower fat dairy alternatives like nut or seed milk. Same with coconut – stick with the full-fat version instead of the “lite” options. If you want to increase your intake of nuts or seeds, eat the real thing. They’re an excellent source of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Hungry for more fat? Check out the recipe section on my website for deliciously indulgent recipes that focus on healthy fats. And if you want to learn more about adding Fats to your diet and how they benefit your well being, check out my book, Glow15. As a bonus with your order, you will get my downloadable recipe book “Glow Kitchen” for free.

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