How Do Immune System Boosters Work?


Now more than ever, you’re probably thinking about what you can do to boost your immune system. Through proper nutrition and healthy habits, you maintain some control over how optimally your immune system functions.

Eating foods high in vitamins C and D, zinc and plant antioxidants, as well as good quality sleep and physical activity, are foundational habits to prioritize.

But what about “immune system boosters”—specific supplements touted as having a fortifying effect on the immune system…

How, exactly, do immunity boosters work?

In case there’s any question in your mind… no single supplement is designed to replace whole food nutrition or any other healthy habit.

Depending on your diet, lifestyle and personal health concerns, high-quality supplementation can help fill nutritional gaps and work with your body to support optimal function.

Immunity boosters are no different.

An immune system booster is a concentrated ingredient, nutrient or combination thereof that stimulates your “stay safe” system.

An active, strong immune system is more effective at guarding against—and attacking—destructive bacteria, viruses and disease-triggering microorganisms.

A clinically backed immune system supplement can be a powerful ally because it’s designed to deliver potent ingredients at daily doses shown to work.

You’d find it difficult if not impossible to consume enough of the ingredient through food to experience real benefits… if you can eat them at all.

You see, some of the most potent sources of nutrients and antioxidants are either inedible or unpleasant to eat.

For example, resveratrol is the heart-healthy antioxidant touted in wine, grape juice and grapes. But it’s most concentrated in the stem, seeds and skin of grapes.

So, if you want targeted support to help protect yourself from bio-invaders, you should consider taking a clinically backed immune system supplement.


Now that you know how an immunity booster works and how to take one, I want to introduce you to a special formula that’s different from any other.

In previous issues of my newsletter, I brought your attention to the power of whole food fermentate—an unrefined ingredient that contains proteins, amino acids, fibers, polyphenols and beta-glucans that work together to support the immune system. 

I discovered this ingredient through my team of PHDs and nutritional scientists formulation team. But when I took a closer look into the science, I was blown away.

Called EpiCor, it’s a highly nutritious fermented ingredient that’s considered whole food.

Backed by an astounding 7 clinical studies (including human studies), it supports the immune system in not one but multiple ways

In fact, Epicor is so innovative, the FDA approved its status as a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) as a result of its breakthrough clinical studies, safety studies and manufacturing process.

Now, you should know it’s not an ingredient you can readily pick up at any natural health store or order online. And you can’t get it through food alone.

But, through my global relationships with nutritional scientists and laboratories, I sourced this powerful whole food ingredient and developed an immunity booster unlike any other.

Only available through my website, NAOMI Immunity contains a clinical-strength dose of EpiCor… that’s 500 mg of potent cellular defense. And it works fast:

Published studies reveal it can start boosting the immune system by increasing antioxidant activity in as few as 2 hours!

NAOMI Immunity does not stop there. To fortify your internal defenses further, it includes two powerful food concentrates:

  • Olive leaf extract (300 mg) contains immune-stimulating properties that support your body’s healthy response to inflammation, and…
  • Beta-glucan (200 mg) made from yeast cell walls can powerfully invigorate immune system cells.

To learn more about NAOMI Immunity, click here.

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