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Your happiness is our #1 priority. That’s why our products are backed by our rock solid 365-day guarantee. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Reship it. Whatever it takes. We’re here for you. Happiness. Guaranteed.

Happiness Guaranteed
Happiness Guaranteed
Happiness Guaranteed
Happiness Guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

What is autophagy?

Autophagy is the breakthrough process of cellular cleansing that literally translates to “self-eating”. Through autophagy, your cells recycle themselves, removing waste and toxins that slowly contribute to the visible signs of skin aging while repairing the components that help them thrive. Science reveals that defects in autophagy can accelerate aging and contribute to wrinkles, loss of firmness and lackluster skin. 

A groundbreaking clinical study showed that our Cellular Rejuvenation Complex activates autophagy and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots, boosts skin firmness, and improves skin tone. In just 5 days, 100% of women showed significant improvement in wrinkles, and 90% showed improvement in dark spots.*

How do OMI products activate autophagy?

Naomi worked with a world-renowned cellular biologist and dermatologist to create the groundbreaking Cellular Rejuvenation Complex—a patented combination of plant extracts and lipids that activate autophagy across 3 key cellular pathways. It works so powerfully, it can “retrain” skin cells to act younger. 

Cellular Rejuvenation Complex is at the heart of every OMI skin nutrition formula and includes citrus bergamot, asparagus, trehalose, green coffee, resurrection plant extract and phytoceramides to encourage even damaged skin cells to eliminate toxins and thrive again.*

Which product line is best for me, Renew or Revitalize?

No matter what your age, skin type or goal, OMI’s regenerative formulas supercharge your skin with clinically tested superfoods that ease skin stressors and sensitivities. 

Renew is our 4-piece fan favorite expertly designed to reveal firmer skin with fewer lines and wrinkles. It supports pro-collagen activity with age-fighting French red grapes and vegetarian collagen.

Revitalize is our 4-piece collection for promoting brighter, even-toned skin with less visible discoloration. It uses the power of citrus bergamot and vitamin C to help correct dark spots.      

Whether you choose from the Renew or Revitalize collections, your skin will benefit from autophagy-activating Cellular Rejuvenation Complex. 

Are your products vegetarian?

Yes! Through groundbreaking advances in plant sciences and our deep, global connections to distributors of science-backed plant extracts, our OMI cleansers, serums and moisturizers are now 100% vegetarian to deliver the values you want without compromising on the results you deserve. With OMI, plant-based also means effective.

What does a Leaping Bunny certification mean?

We are proud to announce that all OMI Skin Nutrition products are now Leaping Bunny certified, meaning you can trust that absolutely no part of our products are tested on animals. Our products are animal friendly and vegetarian.

Leaping Bunny is considered the gold standard of cruelty-free approvals, certifying that:

  • We comply with the no animal testing standards on products and ingredients
  • Our suppliers have been verified to not conduct animal testing
  • We are subject to audits to ensure adherence to these rigorous standards


Customer Reviews

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Renew Fresh Faced Cleanser

Vivianne Elhachem

I like it

I love it ...

Skin feels clean and moisturized

I really like this product

I like the way it feels on my skin, and it doesn’t dry my skin like other products

John C.

Renew Fresh Faced Cleanser