GoodFats: Mighty Meatballs


While most people love a good meatball, perhaps not everyone loves liver. Or… so they think. Wait until you try my Might Meatballs though, and you will instantly see what I’m talking about when I tell you that everyone in my family, especially my children gobble these up. They are delicious and you can’t even taste the liver in them. So, if you are skeptical about that, I just gave you such relief!

The flavor of these tastes like a hearty and scrumptious meatball with Italian seasonings – a familiar flavor to the most basic palette. But, my Mighty Meatballs are anything but basic. They include freshly cooked liver – a power food with a nutrient profile that is so magnificent you’ll want it included in your whole family’s diet.

I especially love sneaking liver into my children’s diet because of the energizing and immune-boosting effects of Vitamin A, iron, zinc and B12. You don’t need a lot either so that’s what I love about “sneaking” them into these meatballs.

These get devoured in my home so quickly I usually make a couple of batches and freeze some. You can enjoy a quick meal that’s incredibly nutritive by thawing, cooking with your favorite sauce and veggies or just pop a few in your mouth as-is as a quick on-the-go snack! Try some this season – you will be so happy you did, I promise!


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