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Lizzy Swick

Staff Nutritionist, MS, RD 

It’s common for people who are just transitioning to experience what’s called the “keto flu,” as well as a skin rash that usually occurs due to liver and gallbladder stagnation. An essential antidote to this is to make sure that you support these organs with bitter foods like dandelion, chicory, lemon and herbs like parsley, turmeric and milk thistle. After all, you want to be absorbing all of these wonderful fats and bitters will make it easier for you to properly assimilate the fats you are eating.  The best way to ensure your body will make use of good fats is by providing the right digestive support to your liver, gallbladder, and digestive system, so they function optimally.  This will set you up for healthy fat absorption and the ultimate keto success!

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