Naomi Whittel: First For Women Magazine April Issue



Discover Glow15: Nobel Prize-winning science in the April Issue of First For Women Magazine.

Autophagy 101

Beyond excited to be featured in the April Issue of First for Women Magazine. So what exactly is Autophagy and why is it so vitally important to our health and longevity? This is our body’s natural detox process: Think of it like an “automatic self-cleaning oven” for your body at a cellular level. If waste and toxins aren’t regularly cleaned out and properly disposed of, our cell function can decline and degrade. And, that’s the road straight to faster aging, poor health, lackluster energy, dull skin and weight gain. But you hold the key to activating your Autophagy:  Learn my tips on page 26 in the latest issue of First for Women magazine, available nationwide on March 19 or learn more about the book at

Check out Naomi’s autophagy activating tips on page 26 in the latest issue of First for Women magazine, available nationwide on March 19!