High Fiber Keto Q&A



We’re back and it’s a new decade! We’re in the twenties now and ready for a wonderful new year and decade ahead ?

Today is, as promised, a follow up video answering questions about my new keto diet book, High Fiber Keto

Writing this book has been a real journey for me and it has been a passion project for a while now. It’s given me the chance to travel, talk to world famous individuals in the wellness community, interview experts in different fields and research endlessly to the point of really pushing the boundaries of what the keto lifestyle has to offer us from so many angles. To be able to share all this info with you all is a dream come true and a responsibility I take very seriously. So, expect January to be a Keto-heavy month as we delve into your keto questions, and many different and interesting topics, to start off the new year properly.

I know how many of you feel and believe me, I’ve been there; the Holidays are over, and you’re motivated to get out and get healthy. You want to eat salads and things you don’t normally like and hit the treadmill until you can’t walk. It happens to all of us at some point but unfortunately, it’s not only extremely difficult to sustain (burnout is a guarantee) but it’s simply not necessary. Weight loss and good health and happiness as well as myriad health benefits can be achieved with foods you LOVE, a lifestyle that is sustainable, and you can watch that weight fall off. All of this can be done by getting into a lifestyle with nutritional ketosis while adding high fiber to your keto diet.

So, without further ado, here are some questions that I received about the new book that I wanted to answer publicly to give as much insight into it as possible and I hope it’s informative and helpful to you. 

Here’s to a healthy and happy you in 2020. ?

Thanks for watching!