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 Believe it or not, carrying extra body fat is merely a symptom of inflammation occurring below your skin’s surface.  While the cosmetics and social implications of being a little (or a lot) overweight distract us from this reality, it’s important to understand the science behind weight.  Mainly because changing our cultural perspective on what extra weight means is empowering – it shifts the collective mindset away from individual shame and blame to inspiration and hope.

As women not only is being uncomfortable in our bodies feel bad, but it also holds us back from experiencing our life’s greatest potential.  What would you do differently in your life if your weight weren’t an issue?  How would you interact with the world if you finally felt healthy and beautiful in your own body?  What would your internal self-talk sound like if you liked what you saw when you looked in the mirror?  Think about that for a minute.

These are important questions.  Because while the real truth is you don’t need to be any other shape or size than what you currently are to achieve any of that, your weight is more than your happiness – it’s a window into the factors that dictate your health, vitality and your life.

Current science shows that weight gain and stubborn weight loss are primarily due to interference with insulin function.  Increase circulating insulin and soon body fat stores also increase.  Decrease circulating insulin, and body fat diminish.

For example, if you’re on the continuum of insulin resistance and struggle with sugar cravings at one end and full-blown type 2 diabetes on the other your body weight may be indicative of the hormonal imbalance occurring deep within.  You don’t need the newest fad diet or an entirely new exercise regimen.  It could be as simple as controlling your insulin and providing yourself a whole body approach to balancing the hormones that regulate your metabolic function.

Secondly, our modern advances make it easy to cross the threshold for toxicity most of our bodies can comfortably handle.  Cortisol increases with stress – be it psychic, emotional, physical or physiological stress. While a little cortisol can be a very good thing for weight loss, extended too long, as is the case for most of us today, cortisol can interact with insulin to perpetuate an inflammatory milieu in the body which wreaks havoc on even the most diligent efforts to lose weight.

That’s why in my new book, Glow15, I encourage you to move away from dieting harder and working out longer.  Amazing research is showing that less is more when it comes to exerting effort for weight loss. Contrary to what you’ve been told, you don’t have to think of your body as a force to battle against.  There is no need to fight yourself and make weight something you’ve got to defeat.  In fact, the mentality of struggle only increases the very hormones responsible for increasing body fat in the first place. Restricting calories is one of the worst things you can do for weight loss.  Studies show that a calorie-restricted diet typically results in regaining the weight and usually more.  Think of these quick fix, fad diets as weight gain programs with interest.

Glow15 is based on the biological process called autophagy.  Autophagy is a powerful tool each of us can tap into to normalize insulin function and get to the cause of infuriating weight issues.  Please click here to learn more about autophagy.

While most women I speak with think weight gain is an inevitable part of the aging process, I can confidently tell you that it doesn’t have to be.  While I did not set out to write a weight loss diet book, the results women get from my 15 – day program in Glow15 have been so outstanding that it’s worth sharing! Here are the six ways Glow15 supports effective and sustainable weight loss.

1. IFPC.  This stands for Intermittent Fasting Protein Cycling.  Research shows that by providing short periods (up to 16 hours) of fasting, our circulating levels of insulin decrease, blood sugars normalize and insulin sensitivity improves.  Cycling protein intake between lower portions and normal intake mimics the biological effect fasting has on insulin as well.  In my book, I provide you a schedule you can follow in order to take the guesswork out of what to eat and when as well as how to manage a therapeutic, efficacious fast.

2.  Fat First, Carbs Last.  While eating a lower carbohydrate diet has been proven to improve insulin function, decrease insulin levels and thus promote normal weight, not everyone needs to be very low carb or even low carb.  Your unique carbohydrate needs depend on how insulin sensitive you are.  After you figure out what kinds of complex carbohydrates you tolerate and in what portions, start to shift your intake of them to later in the day.  Eat fat first and save carbohydrates for your evening meal.  Not only will this encourage a lower carbohydrate daily intake but by skipping carbs in the morning your body also maintains the “fasted” state mentioned above that promotes better insulin function and thus, weight loss.

3.  Powerphenols.  Specific polyphenolic compounds found in plants contain chemicals that can benignly impact how your insulin functions.  Glow15 includes an entire chapter detailing the science behind my favorite four polyphenols I refer to as “Powerphenols” (named intentionally for their exceptional influence on our healing and wellness).  My favorite Powerphenols for optimizing weight loss are resveratrol – trans, berberine, curcumin, and EGCG.

4.  Exercise.  Instead of overtraining and under-eating, the exercise program on Glow15 only suggests working out four days per week and for only 30 – minutes each per session!  All of that “no pain, no gain” coaching is outdated and simply harmful.  Your body doesn’t want to be bullied into beauty – it wants to work hard with integrity with how it was designed to move.  The science of exercise physiology demonstrates that the two types of movement that best utilize insulin’s other job as the muscle-building hormone are HIIT and RET.  Curious what the exact recommendations are for weaving both of these workouts into your weight loss program? You’ll find a schedule neatly laid out for you in Glow15 that balances both HIIT and RET workouts throughout the fifteen days.

5.  Sleep. The connection between solid sleep and healthy weight loss isn’t overtly obvious but weight loss experts know that deep, uninterrupted sleep is 100% necessary for weight loss. That’s because when we sleep our bodies do their most repair work in both the mind and body.  No surprise but there is a definitive link between poor sleep, weight gain and increased risk for diabetes.  The more your sleep suffers, the higher the risk is for insulin resistance and obesity.  If you have tried everything to lose weight but haven’t yet evaluated your sleep as part of the problem, please take the fun sleep quiz in Glow15 to help you on your path to a better night’s sleep!

6.  Beauty & Self-care. Self-care is not selfish.  In fact, understanding why you want to lose weight is as important to the strategies you’ll need to do it.  Taking the time to reflect on your goals for weight will increase your happiness and youth span (the quality of your lifespan) because the simple act of tracking yourself improves confidence and esteem.  If you don’t know why you’re worthy of Glowing, exploring this is your first step.   Spoiler Alert!   You. Are. Worthy.

The next step is practicing simple rituals that put you in touch with your natural ability to glow.  In Glow15 I provide you simply DIY recipes to activate autophagy and heal your skin so you shine.  I also provide you several ways to press your internal pause button using healing bodywork treatments. Weight loss depends on normal hormonal rhythms with appropriate messaging between the brain, adrenals, pancreas and even your ovaries. When your body is constantly bombarded with stress hormones, this rhythmic cadence is overthrown and weight gain occurs. To restore normal weight, manage stress hormones.  My program will show you how.

Recent reports in The Lancet project that by 2030, half of all American adults (115 million adults) will be obese.  We also know that obesity-related illnesses have the potential to result in chronic disease, disability and most scary – even death.  Besides this being incredibly sad, it’s also a huge cost to us – to the tune of $190.2 billion.  There certainly are easy ways to make simple switches in diet and lifestyle to improve the hormones that manage your weight that all of us can implement with ease.

Please let me inspire you as I uncover the incredible science behind activating your body’s own self-repair system called autophagy. Come with me on a journey to total health transformation and self-discovery with life-changing results.  You’ll learn how to use your own body’s biology to achieve a healthy weight, a properly functioning metabolism and a deep confidence in yourself that goes way beyond how you look.

Don’t forget to watch the free videos I shared during my webinar a few days ago, featuring Dr. Cate Shanahan and Dr. Zach Bush: Learn their thoughts on Deep Nutrition and Weight Loss, straight from the source.

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