7 Ways to Talk Yourself into Exercising


When exercise seems like a chore, it’s almost impossible to talk yourself into doing it. Logging long hours at the gym (hours that you probably can’t even find time for in your busy life) and/or forcing yourself into activities you barely enjoy can easily add up to make exercise feel downright terrible. We’ve all been there!

I am going to show you how to put an end to the most common excuses of why not to exercise – so you can get started immediately on your path to a lean, sculpted body, a longer life and better health.

Regarding exercise, how many times have you said things like: “I just don’t have time,” or even rolled your eyes at the thought of dragging yourself out for a run? I’m here to tell you that those days are over, and that is because with my approach, less truly is more. You can spend less time exercising while reaping more benefits, and you might just look forward to your workouts.

Read on for 7 ways to talk yourself into exercising. Do keep in mind that even the simplest exercise plan can take some getting used to and exercise motivation is like building a muscle: it takes practice.

1. Remember You Only Need 30 Minutes

    You can workout for just 30 minutes four times per week! That’s right, no more grueling sweat sessions on the treadmill, just 30 minutes of efficient and effective movement. This is because research clearly shows that 30 minutes is the magic number in terms of activating autophagy (more on this below), and squeezing in a 30-minute workout is doable, even for the busiest of women.

    2. Understand How Exercise Activates Autophagy

    Think of autophagy as pressing the rest button on a cellular level. When the process of autophagy is running regularly and rhythmically (as it should be), you are equipped to cool systemic inflammation, which is what leads to myriad degenerative diseases and accelerated aging. Just 30 minutes of exercise can immediately set autophagy into action, and that’s some serious motivation.

    3. Remind Yourself of Your Goals

    Set goals and think of them daily. Want to prevent disease? Lose weight? Be able to run around with your kids or grandkids? Have the energy to not just survive your day, but excel at it?  Writing down your personal goals, saying them out loud to yourself in the mirror, or whatever method works for you can make all the difference.

    4. See the Journey as Part of the Goal

    Sounds cliché, but the journey is perhaps the most important part of working towards your goals. Celebrate every small victory. Share your successes (and set-backs) with a trusted friend or family member. Treat yourself to something special along the way (why not splurge on that massage after all your hard work?), and be kind to yourself along the way. Your body will reap instant benefits when you begin, so enjoy every wonderful step along the way!

    5. Think of Your Support System

    Changing your diet and lifestyle isn’t easy when you go it alone. If your family is on board, you’ll have a built-in support system. If not, find a friend, coworker or even an online group to share your journey with.  If family or friends aren’t around when you need a boost, remind yourself that you are taking action to prevent future sickness and be the best version of you.

    6. Make Yourself a Priority

    We women often do not make ourselves a priority, and that can have profound effects on our health and wellbeing. Even if just for a handful of hours per week, make YOU a priority. Know that by embarking on this journey, you are building strength and confidence, increasing your energy levels, preventing future disease, and allowing your inner and outer beauty to shine.

    7. Pick Workouts You Love (Or At Least Like)

    I want you to love exercise, not just because you see results but because when you do it, it feels good and provides you an opportunity to connect with the body that supports you.  That’s why there is never any need to choose something you don’t enjoy. In fact, forcing yourself through a workout is the sheer opposite of what you want.  When you’re stressed, your cortisol increases, which counters the hormonal benefits you’d otherwise receive from exercising.  Choosing an activity that feels pleasurable is the key to reaping results and sustaining your workouts for the long term.  Exercise that feels like a chore is unlikely to be sustainable. After all, it’s what you do day in and day out that matters most. HIIT (high intensity interval training) and RET (resistance exercise training) can be accomplished with walking, swimming, yoga, and/or lifting gallons of water in your back yard.

    There you have it! 7 ways to talk yourself into exercise. By practicing these tips and reminding yourself of the amazing health benefits you’re reaping, you can stay on track to a long and happy life.

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