The Cholesterol Balancing Miracle: Citrus Bergamot

Traveling and learning new and exciting health breakthroughs is my passion, and is the reason I do what I do. It's an even greater privilege to have a voice to share these findings with others, and one that I don’t take lightly.

One of the most exciting and educational experiences was when I discovered citrus Bergamot during a trip to Calabria, Italy. This beautiful region of the world is home to one of the planet’s most powerful healing ingredients. I traveled here not too long ago in my quest to learn more about the antioxidant-rich citrus Bergamot fruit. Most commonly found in Earl Grey tea, this fruit has been used by generations upon generations for its powerful polyphenol properties.

What we’ve learned is that bergamot is the citrus plant with the highest amount of flavonoids altogether. Numerous scientific studies have shown that the bergamot fruit can actually help raise HDL levels, lower LDL cholesterol levels and balance blood sugars all within the normal range.

Naturally, I wanted to travel to the source. I wanted to walk through the Italian orchards, I wanted to touch the trees, taste the fruit and see how the bergamot are harvested. I wanted to travel with them to the factory, and see with my own eyes how the flavanols and essential oils are carefully extracted. For me, there’s nothing more important than to find out where our earth’s most healing ingredients come from so that we can better understand how to use them in their purest, most potent essence.

With that said, I hope this introduction video inspires you to learn more. I call this an introduction because this is the beginning. We are going to be posting so much more and further exploring this amazing superfood. 

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