Citrus Bergamot Blueberry Smoothie – Quick, Easy and HEALTHY!

This polyphenol-rich citrus bergamot smoothie recipe is an enthusiastic favorite of my Facebook community. My relationship with citrus bergamot began in the beautiful countryside of Calabria, Italy where I met with farmers and scientists to uncover this unique fruit – a hidden gem in the natural health world that has been scientifically proven to improve cholesterol profiles, help regulate blood sugar and has cellular youth activating properties. Not only is its fragrance heavenly, but its healing properties might just be a powerful agent in your own wellness journey.

Citrus bergamot does a fantastic job with the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, specifically managing healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. When combined with other polyphenol-rich antioxidants in berries, lemon juice, and greens; a beautiful synergy among nutrients bring food as medicine to life.  Enjoyed with healthy fats and fiber from the almonds and avocado, this tasty, naturally sweetened smoothie will give your energy a sustainable lift without the crash from artificial energy like sugar and caffeine. Best enjoyed cold. Get the full recipe here!

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Helps Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides