Tales from the Chronically Sleep Deprived (and how to finally catch some refreshing zzz’s)

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There’s sound science and published research supporting this concept.


Let’s face it, we’re all sleep deprived. And let’s assume you’re not only a crappy sleeper, but one beyond the first-line remedies like lavender infusions and warm baths.

You need a good night’s sleep and need it bad!

For years, doctors have been recommending melatonin supplements, the "sleep hormone" and your body’s natural sleep aid produced in response to darkness.

Healthy levels of melatonin are non-negotiable if you want consistent nights of restful sleep. So on the surface this advice makes a lot of sense.

Except you can’t count on melatonin to be in synch with how you actually sleep. Typical melatonin supplements found in drug stores and supermarkets have a “fatal” flaw that’s almost sure to leave you frustrated and “counting sheep” in the middle of the night.

You're Melatonin Deprived
(But it's not your fault)

Melatonin production peaks around the time we start kindergarten and crashes by almost 80% around age 60. Somewhere around middle age is when many people start to feel this depletion and may try over-the-counter sleep aids – medications that – wait for it – can further reduce melatonin production.*

Tried melatonin in the past with little success? This could be why...

There are shots and there are sippers. Typical melatonin supplements are a quick shot, entering the bloodstream fast and peaking in the body 3-4 hours after you take them. You may fall asleep only to wake in the middle of the night restless and annoyed.

To fall asleep and stay asleep, the best alternative is a “sipper” form with delayed-release melatonin. Instead of a flash flood of melatonin right after you take it, it releases a steady supply of melatonin throughout the entire night. So, you won't find yourself wide awake at 3am.

The Science of Delayed-Release Melatonin

+ In a breakthrough study, participants who were given delayed-released melatonin before bedtime reported significant improvement in their sleep quality along with greater morning alertness.*

+ A nightly dose of delayed-release melatonin helped another group of adults fall asleep faster, enjoy better sleep quality and feel brighter in the morning over the entire course of a six-month study.*

+ Multiple studies show that nightly melatonin is healthy for you, providing significant cardiovascular, neuro-protective and anti-inflammatory support.***

Best of all, delayed-release melatonin doesn't leave you groggy the next morning, so you can take it every night as a long-term solution.

But to enjoy a full night of restful sleep, you must first...

Calm Your Mind So You Can Fall Asleep Faster

You don’t want to be sedated, you want restorative, quality sleep. That’s why winding down your mind at the end of a loaded day is essential to getting consistent, restful sleep.

Your brain naturally produces its own “chill pill” in the form of an amino acid neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA for short. It works as a calming agent, allowing your mind to disengage from a wakeful state and enter into a calm state of zzzz.

And if you don’t sleep well, you probably don’t have enough GABA in your body.

In a Harvard Medical School study, scientists found that people with chronic sleep problems had 30% lower levels of GABA on average than normal.*

When your overtired mind isn’t bathed in the healthy levels of GABA needed to promote relaxation, your racing thoughts can leave you tossing and in a frustrating fight for sleep.*

A new form of natural GABA ingredient called PharmaGABA® has been scientifically shown to promote calmness and relaxation while decreasing the beta-wave brain activity linked with nervousness and anxiety.*

Why the Right Kind of GABA is Crucial

While synthetic GABA supplements are widely available, GABA in synthetic form isn't easily absorbed and doesn't provide much help at all.

+ In a 7-day study, natural GABA reduced the time it took patients to fall asleep and increased sleep quality and efficiency (the amount of time asleep while in bed). Participants also reported improvements in the way they felt upon waking.*

A Superior Natural Sleep Solution

Combining natural PharmaGABA® with regular melatonin and delayed-release melatonin, SleepAdapt™ can help you fall asleep quickly — and help you stay asleep (or get back to sleep easily after a nighttime trip to the bathroom).

Can SleepAdapt™ help you sleep this well? Yes—here’s how:

01 A research-based dose: Delivers clinically studied doses of the two top, non-habit-forming nutrients that promote restful sleep - melatonin and GABA.

02 Two kinds of melatonin: Features dual-action melatonin: you get 1.5 mg of regular melatonin to help you fall asleep quickly plus 1.5 mg of delayed-release melatonin to help you stay asleep. The key is taking both forms of melatonin together shortly before bedtime.

03 Natural PharmaGABA®: Features 125mg of natural PharmaGABA® in every capsule. That’s the full research based dose of this fast-calming compound used in the studies cited above. This natural form of GABA has been clinically shown to be highly effective.

04 Safe to use nightly: Unlike many other popular sleep aids, SleepAdapt™ is non-habit forming and produces no unwanted side effects! It is made in an FDA-inspected facility here in the U.S. to meet the most stringent USP standards for quality, purity and potency.

SleepAdapt™ Begins Working Quickly —
Often the Very First Night You Take It


“This helps me fall asleep faster & stay asleep. No grogginess in the morning. Love this stuff!!”—Lola G.


“I feel a difference in the quality of my sleep with Sleepadapt. I sleep more soundly and for longer periods every night. It has helped me a lot !!”—Eileen S.


“I have tried countless sleep aid supplements and i believe the time release in this formula is making a difference. I usually have to get up to use the restroom at night and have trouble falling back asleep. That no longer happens since I started using this product. I will continue to use.”—Ashley


“I can tell a huge difference in my quality of sleep with SleepAdapt. I have more restful sleep and sleep longer through the night.”—Susie


"Best melatonin sleep aid I have tried. Finally able to sleep all night."—Kevin T.

For a limited-time, buy two bottles of SleepAdapt™ and get one free — a $25 savings…as little as $17 per bottle…at barely 55 cents a day, that’s a small price to pay for a full night of restful sleep.

And if it doesn't help you get the rest you crave, receive a full refund—up to one year after purchase.

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