Can High Fiber Foods Help Me Lose Weight?


Weight loss is the number one reason that women try the keto diet. It’s not surprising as the number of Americans who are overweight or obese increases each year, more people are searching for a solution for themselves and their families. There seems to be a shift away from searching for just another quick-fix diet as many crave a lifestyle change that is realistic and long-term.

Fiber is a part of that solution. 

Fiber has been shown to prevent obesity. Those who eat the most fiber have lower weight and lower body fat

Most Americans eat less than half of the recommended daily fiber intake! I find this statistic staggering and also an opportunity for making a change that will help you to reach your weight and health goals. In actuality, many who adopt a High Fiber Keto lifestyle, actually end up eating more fiber than they did before going keto.

Here is how fiber can help you lose weight:

  • Fiber increases satiety. Fiber provides bulk and volume to meals without adding any additional calories from artificial fillers or bulking agents.  Additionally, the calories from fiber are not typically absorbed like the calories from a refined carb such as sugar are. This makes you feel fuller and more satisfied with eating and less likely to over-eat. With High Fiber Keto, you’ll get the double satiety win as both fiber and fat play a role.
  • Fiber improves the microbiome. The microbiome is the community of microorganisms that lives in and on the body. Where normal bacterial balance is associated with normal weight, imbalances are associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome. Healthy bacteria can reduce inflammation in the body, which can also help with releasing weight.

There is a lot more for science to learn in this area, which has the potential to lead to microbiome-specific interventions for obesity. In the meantime, you can eat a fiber-rich diet and support microbiome balance with important supplements, such as a probiotic and prebiotic

  • Fiber-rich foods are also rich in micronutrients. By eating whole plant foods (especially the keto compliant ones) you not only get fiber, but you’ll be getting an abundance of vitamins and minerals, many of which help your metabolism run efficiently. What’s more, is that you’ll also get many of the colorful phytonutrients (plant compounds) that help you to reduce inflammation and activate autophagy

The connection between fiber and weight is clear, so in the next blog, I will get into some of the specifics including a high fiber foods list to lose weight. Stay tuned!

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