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“It takes a commitment to making yourself a priority.”

Naomi Whittel

New York Times Best Selling Author, Glow15


There is truth in the saying: you have to learn to love yourself before you love another. So, what better day and way to practice self-love than on Valentine’s Day with some self-care. As women are at the center of so much in their lives…the responsibilities can seem endless when it comes to home, family life and obligations at work. We are often the engine that moves and brings life to so many projects…whether it is hosting a holiday gathering, encouraging our children at their favorite sports event, helping our aging parents make important financial decisions, or getting a promotion at work — the roles we fill are many and varied. It’s essential for the smooth operation of these important occasions to be managed by someone who has enough to give.

It’s not uncommon to learn about self-care the hard way. In the midst of life’s demands, it’s easy to take for granted the things we rely on, like energy and good health. For me, I began to really see the signs of aging in my mid 30’s. I used to be described as an energizer bunny, but instead of getting through my day revving to go, I felt like I had a case of the blah’s, not very excited or inspired. My skin was becoming dull and I began to put on extra weight that I couldn’t seem to shed. Something had to change, I knew that suffering the common effects of aging wasn’t inevitable.

This is the passion that fueled my inspiration for the principles in Glow15 that I now share with you. Through years of research, interviewing top experts in their field, experimentation, including a clinical study done on women just like you — I created the Glow15 program as an antidote to the fatigue and toxicity that can weigh us down. You will learn how to unlock the missing link in anti-aging, so you can not only survive but also truly thrive.

In Glow15 you’ll be making simple switches in your life that yield big dividends. The payoffs are huge — from increased energy, more confidence, less inflammation, sharper thinking and radiant, glowing skin. What does all this take?

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Self-Care Isn’t Selfish.

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish. The airlines have it right…It’s really about putting your own oxygen mask on first before you can assist others. It’s so hard to be present for loved ones when you don’t give yourself the time and space to be you. If you’ve struggled with feeling guilty around making your self-care a priority, try and remember that the more you are filled up, recharged and feeling your best, the more you have to give to others. Beyond that though, our value is not just what we provide to others, we all have an intrinsic value that is worth nurturing and caring for. We need this in order to be the fullest expression of our unique and beautiful self! 

Self-Care Is Individual

Self-Care Is So Individual and Personalized. Your self-care routine will be as unique as you are because it’s going to be based on what makes you really thrive. For some women, it’s about nurturing themselves with a favorite cup of hot tea or getting monthly massages, a nightly Epsom salt bath, or honoring your unique sleep routine based on your own circadian rhythm. In Glow15, I give you the tools to understand your sleep patterns so you can align with your own circadian rhythm and activate your autophagy. Please don’t undervalue the critical role sleep plays in self-care. Actually, a good night’s sleep is the most important self-care you can provide yourself.

Self-Care Is Not Just About What You Do for Yourself

Self-Care Is Not Just About What You Do for Yourself. It’s not just about what you do for yourself that makes up self-care. Things like massage, facials or having a glass of red wine with some of your best girlfriends are fun and have a role in self-care but at their core, they aren’t as deep as how you treat yourself every day, regardless if life is treating you well or poorly. What is your relationship to you? What is the inner dialogue that fills your day? Is it supportive, encouraging like a coach or trusted friend? Or is it self-sabotaging, cutting and critical? It’s incredible how when you start activating your autophagy, allowing your body to get what it needs to thrive, you’ll not only physically feel better, but the lowered inflammation and oxidation in your body makes for a more peaceful and radiant experience, inside and out. The self-judging, critical voice doesn’t have much space to take residence in a body that feels amazing. Basically, don’t be mean to yourself. At the heart of authentic self-care is an unconditional kindness.

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