Naomi's Morning Skincare Routine: 7 Steps to Inside-Out Beauty


How we start our day usually impacts the quality of the rest of the day. That’s why morning time is everything for me: It’s crucial for setting the tone for the rest of my day—and this includes everything from creating the right mindset to spending quality time with those I love most to creating a very carefully cultivated morning skincare routine. 

Think about it this way: Research has shown that we each have roughly 60,000 thoughts each and every day—and those thoughts are usually directed by our mindset, which is often established or heavily influenced shortly after waking. So, armed with this information, I created a customized morning routine that not only sets me up for a productive and happy day, but it also supports a balanced mind, body, and soul, leaving me with a glow that I feel from the inside-out!

If you’re looking for a morning skincare routine and other tips that put you in a positive frame of mind and full of confidence and happiness, keep reading to get my top tips for the ultimate morning routine!

Naomi’s Morning Skincare Routine Basics

As you know by now, I believe that true health starts on the inside at the cellular level. While topical treatments certainly have their place, I see my skin as a window into my overall health. That’s why my morning skincare routine may look a bit different from others’. Accordingly, here are my basic morning routines that support not only my skin’s ability to truly glow with health but also support my body and mind.

1. Wake well rested.

While this part of my morning routine actually starts the night before, I always strive to make sure I’m getting five full sleep cycles each night, with each sleep cycle lasting approximately 1.5 hours. Here’s why: I’ve found that I require 7.5 hours of sleep each night in order to feel and look my best. And you have an ideal amount of sleep and corresponding sleep cycles, too!

To make sure you wake well rested, I recommend using a sleep tracker app, such as Sleep Cycle, which helps you track the amount of time you slept and your sleep quality while also analyzing your lightest sleep period to help you wake up gently and easily, which will only support a positive mindset for your entire day.

2. Rehydrate upon waking.

An essential component of my morning skincare routine begins before I even get out of bed with a pitcher of lemon water. Believe it or not, we lose 1 liter of water each night during sleep, which makes morning rehydration absolutely essential!

When I take the time to replenish the water I lose overnight, it leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. So, why lemon water? I like to squeeze an entire lemon in a pitcher of water not only for a refreshing taste but also because the acidity in the fruit supports digestive health throughout the day. Plus, lemons are a rich source of vitamin C, which is a precursor for the skin health-promoting protein collagen that’s known to contain anti-aging benefits. 

Morning skincare routine - Naomiw

3. Meditate and move.

After I finish rehydrating, I take about 10 minutes to meditate and perform breathing exercises to help me enter a state of calm that I like to carry with me throughout the day. I use this time to focus on finding balance and surrounding myself with feelings of peace. Then, I love to incorporate intentional movement.

This movement often involves a stretching routine to help me prepare my body for the day’s demands. But sometimes I’ll take a run outside, especially if I’m near the shore. Spending this time in nature helps to ground me while also providing inspiration for the day ahead. Meanwhile, the fresh air helps to open my pores, which promotes healthier skin, making it one of my favorite aspects of my morning skincare routine.

4. Supplement.

It’s no secret that I’m a big advocate for supplements. After all, supplementing with nature’s most potent ingredients helped to treat my debilitating eczema. So, I begin each day with one Mighty Mg, which activates over 600 vital processes in the body. Then, an hour after waking, I consume a source of caffeine, such as matcha or a keto coffee.

I often add collagen into my coffee as part of my morning skincare routine and then also take astaxanthin to support my immune system and OMI Grow & Strengthen Well Beauty Hair to support healthy hair growth and reduce shedding.

5. Create time for love and connection.

While we don’t often think of relationships in relation to our skin health, I’m a firm believer that love and connection is absolutely essential in order to be truly happy—and happiness translates into healthiness. Accordingly, I love to fill my mornings with lots of hugs and time with my kids. And I usually do this the most during breakfast.

In the past few years, I’ve really made it a point to make breakfast time our critical family time. So, if I ever decide to do intermittent fasting, I skip dinner instead of breakfast so that this precious family time isn’t missed. And if you’re wondering why creating time for love and connection made it into my list of my favorite morning skincare routine activities, it’s because research has shown that the release of serotonin, which occurs from positive physical touch such as hugs, actually causes your skin to have a natural glow! How incredible is that?

6. Eat a high-fat breakfast.

Speaking of eating breakfast, I make sure that my meal is high in healthy fats because they’ve been shown to support skin health from the inside-out. Specifically, eating a diet rich in healthy fats not only supports skin hydration but also supports hair growth and thickness!

One of my favorite high-fat breakfasts is a salmon burger with a watercress salad topped with MCT oil. It not only leaves me feeling satisfied until my next meal but also provides me with the energy I need to tackle my to-do list while serving as a critical component of my morning skincare routine!

 7. Focus on skincare.

Finally, I love to perform a lymphatic massage in morning with my Renew Wrinkle-Lifting Power Serum. Performing this massage helps your skin to naturally become brighter and firmer, while using the serum provides a “plumping” effect that helps to prevent deep lines. You can watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on this aspect of my morning skincare routine.


In Summary:

  • How we start our day usually impacts the quality of the rest of the day. And this includes everything from creating the right mindset to spending quality time with those you love most to your morning skincare routine. 
  • Because I believe that true health starts on the inside at the cellular level, my morning skincare routine looks a bit different from how others may structure theirs by focusing on body and mind elements as well.
  • Some of my morning skincare routine basics include rehydrating upon waking, meditating, taking quality supplements to support inside-out health, spending time with loved ones, performing a lymphatic massage, and more.
  • Try some of my top tips but also experiment to find what works best for you!

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