Why Experts Warn You've Got Just 'One Last Chance' to Recapture Your Youthful Glow

Collagen in the body starts to decline in your 20s. But it’s what you do in your 40s, 50s and beyond that affects how well you’ll age. Put the spring back in your skin with the only type of collagen scientifically shown to erase fine lines and wrinkles in just 4 weeks.

At a rational level, you accept age as “just a number.” But as you see your face, skin and hair transform before your very eyes, are you supposed to pretend to like what you see?

Much like expanding wrinkles, sagging skin and gray hairs, your true feelings about getting older become impossible to ignore:

"I don't want to look 19 again, but I want to look younger than I do..."

"I used to get lots of attention, but now I'm starting to feel "invisible..."

"Now that I'm considered middle aged, what will my skin look like in 10 years?"

You’re not alone in feeling a sense of loss when youth and attractiveness start to fade. As women, our confidence and identities are shaped by how ‘pretty’ we feel.

One landmark study on women’s perceptions about aging validates just how emotional the aging process can be:

• Over 50% of us say our aging appearance makes us at times feel self-conscious

• On average, we feel there’s an 8-year gap between how we look & how we feel

• We would feel significantly more confident if we could look a few years younger

Just imagine having noticeably fewer lines and wrinkles; the dullness of age replaced by smoothness and suppleness that defy your true age. Would you feel more confident, happier… more like yourself?

Thankfully, through the power of anti-aging science, you can now activate the youth stores that lie dormant within your skin to rejuvenate how you look and feel, no matter how many birthdays you have celebrated.

In fact, gold-standard research on a remarkable “beauty protein” has been clinically shown to improve skin elasticity and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while also promoting thicker hair and stronger nails.

But experts warn there’s something you must start doing right now to kick-start this rejuvenation process… because time is running out.

Transforming Your Appearance Starts with
 Nourishing Skin's Youth Protein—Collagen

I’m Naomi Whittel, New York Times bestselling author and health advocate with an insatiable curiosity for the healing power of nature. As a wellness explorer for more than two decades, I’m grateful to have experienced the customs and nutrients that women around the world rely on to maintain vitality and youthful radiance.

What I’ve discovered is that beautiful, cared-for skin transcends cultures, borders and generations, and that women throughout the globe make a collagen-rich diet an integral part of their skin care rituals.

In my first book, Glow15, I describe my time travelling throughout Asia. It’s a place where radiant skin is revered, and women prioritize eating right for their skin. There for generations collagen-rich delicacies have been consumed regularly at home, in restaurants and in markets, and are considered to be absolutely essential for beautiful skin.

And this belief is backed by modern science. In fact, if you’re in your 40s and 50s, many health experts recommend you immediately start supplementing with collagen to minimize the appearance of lines, sagging and wrinkles. It may be your “last chance” to stimulate dwindling collagen production.

Because once collagen completely breaks down, it’s nearly impossible to rejuvenate it.

Please keep reading to learn why protecting and regenerating your collagen is the key to aging beautifully and with confidence. I’ll also reveal the groundbreaking science on a patented new form of collagen protein that has been shown to visibly reduce wrinkles, improve elasticity and so much more.

Whether you’re currently taking a collagen supplement, have been interested in getting started or have never even heard of collagen, the next few minutes may change how you look and feel for years to come.

Because getting the results you are looking for requires two things—taking the right kind of collagen and taking it in the right dose.

More on that in a moment, but first, let’s explore…

Why Your Skin is Crying Out for Help

Collagen is the very foundation of your skin, essential for elasticity and plumpness.

As the most plentiful protein in the body, collagen makes up 25-30% of all protein content. This strong, mesh-like framework keeps connective tissue firm and is the superglue that holds your body together (‘collagen’ is derived from the Greek word for glue!)

Few people know that skin is your largest organ. So, protecting your collagen should be your top priority, especially as you age.

From birth until adulthood, collagen production hums along at a smooth, steady pace. Youth is a time of rapid development and growth, so the body works overtime to keep up with demand for collagen.

But after the age of 25, collagen production starts to decline by about 1% per year.[1]

While a 1% decline may not seem like much, the deep wrinkles, sagging, rough texture, and loss of elasticity and moisture that emerge in your 40s and 50s add up.

And menopause dramatically accelerates collagen breakdown: in your first 5 years of menopause alone, you can lose 30% of your collagen volume, according to studies. I’ll explain why below.

Biology strikes a heavy blow to your skin… and so does genetics…

Women’s Skin Ages Faster Than Men—
Here’s the Scientific Reason Why

In her infinite wisdom, Mother Nature gifted your marvel of a body with the ability to stretch for pregnancy and childbirth. To allow for this unique and beautiful superpower, skin collagen in the female body follows a vertical pattern for maximum elasticity.

Female collagen is less dense with smaller pores, which produce less skin-protecting sebum, especially as you get older.[2] This also explains why women are more likely to experience premature aging.

Male collagen, in contrast, has a tightly woven crisscross pattern that’s 25% thicker than a woman’s collagen. And with its higher collagen density and oil production, a man’s skin stays firm and hydrated longer.[3]

Menopause wreaks havoc on collagen, too.

When estrogen comes to a screeching halt, it can deliver a staggering double blow to women—because this vital hormone helps maintain normal levels of collagen production. According to experts, you may lose 30% of collagen in the first 5 years of menopause![4]

With the odds seemingly stacked against you, you may feel like you’re destined to age un-gracefully. But instead, you can restore the youthful look and feel of your skin by consuming the right kind of collagen every day.

The Proven Way to Reduce Wrinkles in 4 Weeks

So many women over 40 are still caring for skin the old-fashion way… with topical skincare products that only benefit the upper dermal layer. But if you really want to look and feel younger, it is essential to nourish the deeper dermal layers as well in your anti-aging routine.

In recent years, dietary collagen, which nourishes skin from the inside out, has become the focus of extensive scientific research, with multiple studies revealing that one specific type of dietary collagen can reduce wrinkles in as few as 4 weeks.[5] And not only wrinkles but other telltale signs of aging like crow’s feet, dryness and loss of firmness.[5-7]

When I learned there was a specific dietary collagen with a protein matrix unlike any other collagen that is proven to work when so many others fail, I had to go straight to the source to learn more.

I visited the pioneering anti-aging laboratory in Germany where the amazing discovery was made. There I met with the world-class team of scientists—experts in collagen who have truly rewritten the rules on aging.

After years of clinical study, this team of researchers had struck skin care gold:

They found that when dietary collagen protein is broken down into the tiniest particles and consumed, it becomes more soluble and more effective at stimulating collagen production.

The process of breaking down collagen into micro-molecules is no easy task, however. They had to develop special technology to “dice” the protein in a manner that promotes maximum absorption—it’s so revolutionary that it is patented.

Armed with this powerful data and technology, researchers created a hydrolyzed powder and named their breakthrough collagen ingredient Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides—a unique collagen with superior bioavailability and effectiveness.

Stunning Results Offer a New Solution for Women Over 40

Not content with laboratory results, researchers conducted multiple human clinical studies with women between the ages of 35-65. In each study, participants in the non-control group consumed 2500 mg of Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides every day for 8 weeks. At weeks 4 and 8, clinicians recorded the dramatic improvements the participants enjoyed: [5-7]

  • 32% reduction in crow’s feet in just 4 weeks
  • 65% increase in natural collagen production
  • Up to 30% improvement in skin elasticity
  • Significant reduction in cellulite

Researchers also observed an increase in hydration and pro-collagen activity. As the precursor to collagen synthesis, pro-collagen is what stimulates new, younger-looking skin to form.

Among participants who took the collagen powder vs. placebo, pro-collagen accumulation DOUBLED![5]

And if you’re over 50 years old, here’s more great news: researchers found an even more dramatic improvement in the skin of women over 50![6]

Here are More Amazing Collagen Perks:
Stronger, Longer Nails and Thicker, Healthier Hair

Just like your skin, your fingernails can suffer the effects of reduced collagen production as you age. Growth may slow to a crawl and they may become dull and brittle.

But by boosting your collagen intake, you can turn rough, brittle and peeling nails around.

Another placebo-controlled study examined the effects of taking 2,500 mg of Verisol® collagen daily for 6 months on fingernails.

Incredibly, participants who took collagen experienced a 42% decrease in cracking, chipping or both, and 75% of the women reported that their nails grew faster and longer.[8]

Another symbol of youthful vitality and a personal expression of style is a head of thick, beautiful hair. This is why excess hair shedding is a devastating experience for millions of women. But you can reclaim thicker locks—and it’s easier than you think.

Since collagen is a “beauty protein” that contributes to healthy hair follicles, researchers were excited to test the effects of this powerful collagen peptide ingredient on hair volume. In a peer-reviewed study, a group of women aged between 39-75 took 2500 mg of Verisol®.

The results were remarkable! Within 4 months researchers observed a significant increase in hair thickness and volume, stimulating fuller-looking hair. Plus, they revealed improvements in hair texture and stronger strands that were more resistant to breakage.[9]

Do You Notice Your Face Looking Thinner
and Your Cheekbones Less Defined as You Get Older?

Aging causes you to lose bone density throughout your body, including your facial features. Bones demand collagen for strength, growth and repair.[10] Researchers were amazed to discover that Verisol® collagen powder resulted in a 65% increase in pro-collagen.

This boost in bone-forming collagen can help provide cheekbone definition for a younger look!

To a wellness explorer like me who believes in the breathtaking power of nature and science… this is exactly the proof I needed! I believe in this patented, one-of-a-kind collagen peptide and so should you.

Why So Many Collagen Supplements Fail

So why does Verisol® produce such extraordinary results when so many other types of collagen lead to disappointment?

There’s a dirty little secret I want to tell you about.

Many collagen powders are made with what I call “dirty collagen”… a mix of crudely made collagen with dubious purity standards and no scientific evidence of absorption and efficacy. In fact, one of the popular collagen brands has been indicated to contain an excess of heavy metals and toxins. And many of these powders are often full of unnecessary fillers to add bulk and weight—but don’t offer any benefit.

In addition, absorption and bioavailability are not the same with all collagen powders, because many of them contain protein molecules that are too large to be absorbed and used to stimulate collagen production. So you simply don’t get the benefits, quality and value you deserve.

Also, it’s important to note that there are 16 types of collagen, but only types 1 and 3 have been shown to produce powerful skin health benefits. With so many of the collagen powders on the market, you just don’t know what type you’re getting.

From Sagging to Supple Skin—
 Experience the Collagen that Really Works!

If you’re ready to transform the look of your skin from the inside out, I’ve got exciting news for you. You can now experience for yourself this science-backed collagen shown to help:

  • “Erase” the look of wrinkles and brighten your eye area
  • Deeply hydrate and moisturize skin from within
  • Restore a smooth texture and a youthful glow
  • Boost firmness for a more lifted appearance
  • Support smoother, younger-looking contours

And you don’t have to fly to Germany to get it…

Using this clinically proven collagen, I created NAOMI Collagen Peptides—the only collagen powder that combines high-absorption Verisol® with two more incredible skin-enhancing nutrients: hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

I know that quality and transparency mean as much to you as it does to me.

In the past 20 years, I’ve developed over 300 top-quality wellness formulas with the best of quality and science.

Because of the health struggles I’ve experienced in my life resulting from a lack of ingredient transparency, I made a commitment to go to the ends of the earth to experience nature’s ingredients for myself, from field and pasture to the research lab.

Through my special partnership with the makers of this patented collagen ingredient in Germany, I have created an extraordinary collagen peptide powder that is sure to transform the look and feel of your skin.