Skin Healing Purple Cabbage Slaw (Keto)


Earlier this week, we dove into the skin protein elastin that gives skin’s its elasticity and resilience. One way to support and protect elastin in the skin is by eating plant compounds. Purple cabbage is great food for this reason! Not only does it contain anthocyanins, similar to blueberries that offer antioxidant protection, but it also contains lycopene and sulforaphane! Lycopene is most known for its red pigment in foods like tomatoes but is also rich in purple foods and even green foods like asparagus. Lycopene supports the mitochondria in the skin cells so that skin cells become energized to produce collagen and elastin. Ever thought your skin looked tired, purple cabbage is a great food to turn that around!

Cabbage and the other cruciferous veggies contain a compound called sulforaphane that helps the body and liver with detoxification, including estrogen detoxification. Hormone balance plays a key role in skin health.

What’s more is that cabbage, carrots, onions, and cilantro not only deliver these potent plant compounds, they are also great sources of fiber that help to support digestion and the microbiome. Because gut health is key for skin health I want you to eat at least 35 grams of plant-based fiber daily! Add in the probiotics from the apple cider vinegar for even more gut healing.

And of course, we can’t underestimate the benefits of healthy fats when it comes to skin and autophagy. This recipe utilizes MCT oil, olive oil, pumpkin seeds, and cashews as sources of good fats.


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