Why Am I Not in Ketosis? What to Do If Not in Ketosis


If you’ve been observing your signs and symptoms on your keto diet, along with testing blood ketones and you are just not there yet, I know it can feel discouraging, especially if you feel you’ve been following everything to a “T.” I challenge you to view not being in ketosis as a wonderful opportunity to go deeper and uncover what your body truly needs to gain the most from your keto diet. You might be asking, “why am I not in ketosis?” Let’s go over some of the most common reasons people are held back from being in ketosis and what to do about it.

1. Reason why you’re not in ketosis: You haven’t given the keto diet enough time.

    Remember that it can often take 3-6 weeks, or even longer, for some individuals to make the metabolic transition from being a sugar-burner to fat-burner.

    What to try: Give it more time. Stay the course. I suggest following my entire 22-day High Fiber Keto meal plan (or following it twice) before making any big changes to what you are doing. Time on a traditional keto plan lays an important foundation of metabolic flexibility, and I’m a firm believer in mastering the rules before breaking them.

    2. Reason why you’re not in ketosis: You need more fat. Or less carbs. Or both.

      It’s very easy for macronutrients to get out of balance on a keto diet, especially at first when you are still learning what your keto food plate needs to look like. It can be easy to grab a handful of nuts here, or eat a bigger portion than you need there. Since fat is so satiating, I’ve found that many women can under-eat on a keto diet and that, too, can impact ketosis.

      What to try: Track your diet using an online nutrition tracker for several days. Does your fat intake make up over 70% of your calories? Are your carbs under 10% of your calories? Are you getting 20% protein along with 20 grams of fiber? Are you eating enough total calories? If not, you can make adjustments.

      3. Reason why you’re not in ketosis: You’re not digesting and absorbing fat and nutrients optimally.

      You can be eating the most beautiful, colorful and nutrient-dense diet on the planet, but if nutrients aren’t readily absorbing into your body’s cells, you are losing out on all of the benefits. I’ve found digestive support to be incredibly helpful for the transition period (or long-term) on a ketogenic diet. This is especially true for those who have digestive symptoms, have a history of low-fat dieting or those who just want to experiment to optimize their keto experience.

      What to try:  Here are the most helpful supplements that I’ve found on the keto diet:

      4. Reason why you’re not in ketosis: You’re putting too much pressure on yourself to get into and stay in ketosis.

        Are you stressing out about your ketones? Do you feel like you are doing everything perfectly with your diet and still can’t get into ketosis? The pressure you are putting on yourself might be causing enough stress to inhibit the very thing you are striving for!

        What to try: Put keto into perspective. There are many benefits to following a high-fiber, whole foods ketogenic diet. Focus on what is working, notice and acknowledge the improvements you are experiencing. In other words, focus on everything positive that has come your way with keto and deemphasize the number on the meter, at least for now. Give yourself a break, let go of the pressure and just enjoy how good you are beginning to feel and look. The true power in any successful diet is the act of consistency. So, stay the course and trust in the process.

        Whether you love following your observational signs or like collecting data on your ketones, my hope is that now you are clearer about the ways in which to know if you’re in ketosis and efficient at using fat (ketones) to power your body through life.

        Interested in more information on the High Fiber Keto lifestyle? Check out my new book and the 22-day guide to successful keto HERE.

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